Mark Zuckerberg says it might be right for Facebook to let people pay to not see ads, but that it would feel wrong to charge users for extra privacy controls. That’s just one of the fascinating philosophical views the CEO shared during the first of his public talks he’s promised as part of his 2019 personal challenge.

Talking to Harvard Law and computer science professor Jonathan Zittrain on the campus of the university he dropped out of, Zuckerberg managed to escape the 100-minute conversation with just a few gaffes. At one point he said “we definitely don’t want a society where there’s a camera in everyone’s living room watching the content of those conversations”. Zittrain swiftly reminded him that’s exactly what Facebook Portal is, and Zuckerberg tried to deflect by saying Portal’s recordings would be encrypted.

Later Zuckerberg mentioned “the ads, in a lot of places are not even that different from the organic content in terms of the quality of what people are being able to see” which is pretty sad and derisive assessment of the personal photos and status updates people share. And when he suggested crowdsourced fact-checking, Zittrain chimed in that this could become an avenue for “astroturfing” where mobs of users provide purposefully biased information to promote their interests, like a political group’s supporting voting that their opponents’ facts are lies. While sometimes avoiding hard stances on questions, Zuckerberg was otherwise relatively logical and coherent.

Policy And Cooperating With Governments

The CEO touched on his borderline content policy that quietly demotes posts that come close to breaking its policy against nudity, hate speech etc that otherwise are the most sensational and get the most distribution but don’t make people feel good. Zuckerberg noted some progress here, saying “a lot of the things that we’ve done in the last year were focused on that problem and it really improves the quality of the service and people appreciate that.”

On working with governments, Zuckerberg explained how incentives weren’t always aligned, like when law enforcement is monitoring someone accidentally dropping clues about their crimes and collaborators. The government and society might benefit from that continued surveillance but Facebook might want to immediately suspend the account if it found out. “But as you build up the relationships and trust, you can get to that kind of a relationship where they can also flag for you, ‘Hey, this is where we’re at'”, implying Facebook might purposefully allow that person to keep incriminating themselves to assist the authorities.

But disagreements between governments can flare up, Zuckerberg notes that “we’ve had employees thrown in jail because we have gotten court orders that we have to turnover data that we wouldn’t probably anyway, but we can’t because it’s encrypted.” That’s likely a reference to the 2016 arrest of Facebook’s VP for Latin Amercia Diego Dzodan over WhatsApp’s encryption preventing the company from providing evidence for a drug case.

Decentralizing Facebook

The tradeoffs of encryption and decentralization were a central theme. He discussed how while many people fear how encryption could mask illegal or offensive activity, Facebook doesn’t have to peek at someone’s actual content to determine they’re violating policy. “One of the — I guess, somewhat surprising to me — findings of the last couple of years of working on content governance and enforcement is that it often is much more effective to identify fake accounts and bad actors upstream of them doing something bad by patterns of activity rather than looking at the content” Zuckerberg said.

With Facebook rapidly building out a blockchain team to potentially launch a cryptocurrency for fee-less payments or an identity layer for decentralized applications, Zittrain asked about the potential for letting users control which other apps they give their profile information to without Facebook as an intermediary.

SAN JOSE, CA – MAY 01: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Zuckerberg stressed that at Facebook’s scale, moving to a less efficient distributed architecture would be extremely “computationally intense” though it might eventually be possible. Instead, he said “One of the things that I’ve been thinking about a lot is a use of blockchain that I am potentially interesting in– although I haven’t figured out a way to make this work out, is around authentication and bringing– and basically granting access to your information and to different services. So, basically, replacing the notion of what we have with Facebook Connect with something that’s fully distributed.” This might be attractive to developers who would know Facebook couldn’t cut them off from the users.

The problem is that if a developer was abusing users, Zuckerberg fears that “in a fully distributed system there would be no one who could cut off the developers’ access. So, the question is if you have a fully distributed system, it dramatically empowers individuals on the one hand, but it really raises the stakes and it gets to your questions around, well, what are the boundaries on consent and how people can really actually effectively know that they’re giving consent to an institution?”

No “Pay For Privacy”

But perhaps most novel and urgent were Zuckerberg’s comments on the secondary questions raised by where Facebook should let people pay to remove ads. “You start getting into a principle question which is ‘are we going to let people pay to have different controls on data use than other people?’ And my answer to that is a hard no.” Facebook has promised to always operate free version so everyone can have a voice. Yet some including myself have suggested that a premium ad-free subscription to Facebook could help ween it off maximizing data collection and engagement, though it might break Facebook’s revenue machine by pulling the most affluent and desired users out of the ad targeting pool.

“What I’m saying is on the data use, I don’t believe that that’s something that people should buy. I think the data principles that we have need to be uniformly available to everyone. That to me is a really important principle” Zuckerberg expands. “It’s, like, maybe you could have a conversation about whether you should be able to pay and not see ads. That doesn’t feel like a moral question to me. But the question of whether you can pay to have different privacy controls feels wrong.”

Back in May, Zuckerberg announced Facebook would build a Clear History button in 2018 that deletes all the web browsing data the social network has collected about you, but that data’s deep integration into the company’s systems has delayed the launch. Research suggests users don’t want the inconvenience of getting logged out of all their Facebook Connected services, though, they’d like to hide certain data from the company.

“Clear history is a prerequisite, I think, for being able to do anything like subscriptions. Because, like, partially what someone would want to do if they were going to really actually pay for a not ad supported version where their data wasn’t being used in a system like that, you would want to have a control so that Facebook didn’t have access or wasn’t using that data or associating it with your account. And as a principled matter, we are not going to just offer a control like that to people who pay.”

Of all the apologies, promises, and predictions Zuckerberg has made recently, this pledge might instill the most confidence. While some might think of Zuckerberg as a data tyrant out to absorb and exploit as much of our personal info as possible, there are at least lines he’s not willing to cross. Facebook could try to charge you for privacy, but it won’t. And given Facebook’s dominance in social networking and messaging plus Zuckerberg’s voting control of the company, a greedier man could make the internet much worse.


Jonathan Zittrain: Very good. So, thank you, Mark, for coming to talk to me and to our students from the Techtopia program and from my “Internet and Society” course at Harvard Law School. We’re really pleased to have a chance to talk about any number of issues and we should just dive right in. So, privacy, autonomy, and information fiduciaries.

Mark Zuckerberg: All right!

Jonathan Zittrain: Love to talk about that.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah! I read your piece in The New York Times.

Jonathan Zittrain: The one with the headline that said, “Mark Zuckerberg can fix this mess”?

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: Although that was last year.


Jonathan Zittrain: That’s true! Are you suggesting it’s all fixed?


Mark Zuckerberg: No. No.


Jonathan Zittrain: Okay, good. So–

Jonathan Zittrain: I’m suggesting that I’m curious whether you still think that we can fix this mess?

Jonathan Zittrain: Ah! <laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: I hope– <laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: “Hope springs eternal”–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, there you go.

Jonathan Zittrain: –is my motto. So, all right, let me give a quick characterization of this idea that the coinage and the scaffolding for it is from my colleague, Jack Balkin, at Yale. And the two of us have been developing it out further. There are a standard number of privacy questions with which you might have some familiarity, having to do with people conveying information that they know they’re conveying or they’re not so sure they are, but “mouse droppings” as we used to call them when they run in the rafters of the Internet and leave traces. And then the standard way of talking about that is you want to make sure that that stuff doesn’t go where you don’t want it to go. And we call that “informational privacy”. We don’t want people to know stuff that we want maybe our friends only to know. And on a place like Facebook, you’re supposed to be able to tweak your settings and say, “Give them to this and not to that.” But there’s also ways in which stuff that we share with consent could still sort of be used against us and it feels like, “Well, you consented,” may not end the discussion. And the analogy that my colleague Jack brought to bear was one of a doctor and a patient or a lawyer and a client or– sometimes in America, but not always– a financial advisor and a client that says that those professionals have certain expertise, they get trusted with all sorts of sensitive information from their clients and patients and, so, they have an extra duty to act in the interests of those clients even if their own interests conflict. And, so, maybe just one quick hypo to get us started. I wrote a piece in 2014, that maybe you read, that was a hypothetical about elections in which it said, “Just hypothetically, imagine that Facebook had a view about which candidate should win and they reminded people likely to vote for the favored candidate that it was Election Day,” and to others they simply sent a cat photo. Would that be wrong? And I find– I have no idea if it’s illegal; it does seem wrong to me and it might be that the fiduciary approach captures what makes it wrong.

Mark Zuckerberg: All right. So, I think we could probably spend the whole next hour just talking about that! <laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: So, I read your op-ed and I also read Balkin’s blogpost on information fiduciaries. And I’ve had a conversation with him, too.

Jonathan Zittrain: Great.

Mark Zuckerberg: And the– at first blush, kind of reading through this, my reaction is there’s a lot here that makes sense. Right? The idea of us having a fiduciary relationship with the people who use our services is kind of intuitively– it’s how we think about how we’re building what we’re building. So, reading through this, it’s like, all right, you know, a lot of people seem to have this mistaken notion that when we’re putting together news feed and doing ranking that we have a team of people who are focused on maximizing the time that people spend, but that’s not the goal that we give them. We tell people on the team, “Produce the service–” that we think is going to be the highest quality that– we try to ground it in kind of getting people to come in and tell us, right, of the content that we could potentially show what is going to be– they tell us what they want to see, then we build models that kind of– that can predict that, and build that service.

Jonathan Zittrain: And, by the way, was that always the case or–

Mark Zuckerberg: No.

Jonathan Zittrain: –was that a place you got to through some course adjustments?

Mark Zuckerberg: Through course adjustments. I mean, you start off using simpler signals like what people are clicking on in feed, but then you pretty quickly learn, “Hey, that gets you to local optimum,” right? Where if you’re focusing on what people click on and predicting what people click on, then you select for click bait. Right? So, pretty quickly you realize from real feedback, from real people, that’s not actually what people want. You’re not going to build the best service by doing that. So, you bring in people and actually have these panels of– we call it “getting to ground truth”– of you show people all the candidates for what can be shown to them and you have people say, “What’s the most meaningful thing that I wish that this system were showing us? So, all this is kind of a way of saying that our own self image of ourselves and what we’re doing is that we’re acting as fiduciaries and trying to build the best services for people. Where I think that this ends up getting interesting is then the question of who gets to decide in the legal sense or the policy sense of what’s in people’s best interest? Right? So, we come in every day and think, “Hey, we’re building a service where we’re ranking newsfeed trying to show people the most relevant content with an assumption that’s backed by data; that, in general, people want us to show them the most relevant content. But, at some level, you could ask the question which is “Who gets to decide that ranking newsfeed or showing relevant ads?” or any of the other things that we choose to work on are actually in people’s interest. And we’re doing the best that we can to try to build the services [ph?] that we think are the best. At the end of the day, a lot of this is grounded in “People choose to use it.” Right? Because, clearly, they’re getting some value from it. But then there are all these questions like you say about, you have– about where people can effectively give consent and not.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: So, I think that there’s a lot of interesting questions in this to unpack about how you’d implement a model like that. But, at a high level I think, you know, one of the things that I think about in terms of we’re running this big company; it’s important in society that people trust the institutions of society. Clearly, I think we’re in a position now where people rightly have a lot of questions about big internet companies, Facebook in particular, and I do think getting to a point there there’s the right regulation and rules in place just provides a kind of societal guardrail framework where people can have confidence that, okay, these companies are operating within a framework that we’ve all agreed. That’s better than them just doing whatever they want. And I think that that would give people confidence. So, figuring out what that framework is, I think, is a really important thing. And I’m sure we’ll talk about that as it relates–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: –to a lot of the content areas today. But getting to that question of how do you– “Who determines what’s in people’s best interest, if not people themselves?”Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: –is a really interesting question.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes, so, we should surely talk about that. So, on our agenda is the “Who decides?” question.

Mark Zuckerberg: All right.

Jonathan Zittrain: Other agenda items include– just as you say, the fiduciary framework sounds nice to you– doctors, patients, Facebook users. And I hear you saying that’s pretty much where you’re wanting to end up anyway. There are some interesting questions about what people want, versus what they want to want.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: People will say “On January 1st, what I want–” New Year’s resolution– “is a gym membership.” And then on January 2nd, they don’t want to go to the gym. They want to want to go to the gym, but they never quite make it. And then, of course, a business model of pay for the whole year ahead of time and they know you’ll never turn up develops around that. And I guess a specific area to delve into for a moment on that might be on the advertising side of things, maybe the dichotomy between personalization and does it ever going into exploitation? Now, there might be stuff– I know Facebook, for example, bans payday loans as best it can.

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: That’s just a substantive area that it’s like, “All right, we don’t want to do that.”

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: But when we think about good personalization so that Facebook knows I have a dog and not a cat, and a targeter can then offer me dog food and not cat food. How about, if not now, a future day in which an advertising platform can offer to an ad targeter some sense of “I just lost my pet, I’m really upset, I’m ready to make some snap decisions that I might regret later, but when I make them–“

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: “–I’m going to make them.” So, this is the perfect time to tee up

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: –a Cubic Zirconia or whatever the thing is that– .

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: That seems to me a fiduciary approach would say, ideally– how we get there I don’t know, but ideally we wouldn’t permit that kind of approach to somebody using the information we’ve gleaned from them to know they’re in a tough spot–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: –and then to exploit them. But I don’t know. I don’t know how you would think about something like that. Could you write an algorithm to detect something like that?

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, I think one of the key principles is that we’re trying to run this company for the long term. And I think that people think that a lot of things that– if you were just trying to optimize the profits for next quarter or something like that, you might want to do things that people might like in the near term, but over the long term will come to resent. But if you actually care about building a community and achieving this mission and building the company for the long term, I think you’re just much more aligned than people often think companies are. And it gets back to the idea before, where I think our self image is largely acting as– in this kind of fiduciary relationship as you’re saying– and across– we could probably go through a lot of different examples. I mean, we don’t want to show people content that they’re going to click on and engage with, but then feel like they wasted their time afterwards. Where we don’t want to show them things that they’re going to make a decision based off of that and then regret later. I mean, there’s a hard balance here which is– I mean if you’re talking about what people want to want versus what they want– you know, often people’s revealed preferences of what they actually do shows a deeper sense of what they want than what they think they want to want. So, I think there’s a question between when something is exploitative versus when something is real, but isn’t what you would say that you want.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: And that’s a really hard thing to get at.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: But on a lot of these cases my experience of running the company is that you start off building a system, you have relatively unsophisticated signals to start, and you build up increasingly complex models over time that try to take into account more of what people care about. And there are all these examples that we can go through. I think probably newsfeed and ads are probably the two most complex ranking examples–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: –that we have. But it’s– like we were talking about a second ago, when we started off with the systems, I mean, just start with newsfeeds– but you could do this on ads, too– you know, the most naïve signals, right, are what people click on or what people “Like”. But then you just very quickly realize that that doesn’t– it approximates something, but it’s a very crude approximation of the ground truth of what people actually care about. So, what you really want to get to is as much as possible getting real people to look at the real candidates for content and tell you in a multi-dimensional way what matters to them and try to build systems that model that. And then you want to be kind of conservative on preventing downside. So, your example of the payday loans– and when we’ve talked about this in the past, your– you’ve put the question to me of “How do you know when a payday loan is going to be exploitative?” right? “If you’re targeting someone who is in a bad situation?” And our answer is, “Well, we don’t really know when it’s going to be exploitative, but we think that the whole category potentially has a massive risk of that, so we just ban it–

Jonathan Zittrain: Right. Which makes it an easy case.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yes. And I think that the harder cases are when there’s significant upside and significant downside and you want to weigh both of them. So, I mean, for example, once we started putting together a really big effort on preventing election interference, one of the initial ideas that came up was “Why don’t we just ban all ads that relate to anything that is political?” And they you pretty quickly get into, all right, well, what’s a political ad? The classic legal definition is things that are around elections and candidates, but that’s not actually what Russia and other folks were primarily doing. Right? It’s– you know, a lot of the issues that we’ve seen are around issue ads, right, and basically sewing division on what are social issues. So, all right, I don’t think you’re going to get in the way of people’s speech and ability to promote and do advocacy on issues that they care about. So, then the question is “All right, well, so, then what’s the right balance?” of how do you make sure that you’re providing the right level of controls, that people who aren’t supposed to be participating in these debates aren’t or that at least you’re providing the right transparency. But I think we’ve veered a little bit from the original questionJonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: –but the– but, yeah. So, let’s get back to where you were

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, here’s– and this is a way of maybe moving it forward, which is: A platform as complete as Facebook is these days offers lots of opportunities to shape what people see and possibly to help them with those nudges, that it’s time to go to the gym or to avoid them from falling into the depredations of the payday loan. And it is a question of so long as the platform to do it, does it now have an ethical obligation to do it, to help people achieve the good life?

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: And I worry that it is too great a burden for any company to bear to have to figure out, say, if not the perfect, the most reasonable newsfeed for every one of the– how many? Two and a half billion active users? Something like that.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. On that order.

Jonathan Zittrain: All the time and there might be some ways that start a little bit to get into the engineering of the thing that would say, “Okay, with all hindsight, are there ways to architect this so that the stakes aren’t as high, aren’t as focused on just, “Gosh, is Facebook doing this right?” It’s as if there was only one newspaper in the whole world or one or two, and it’s like, “Well, then what The New York Times chooses to put on it’s home page, if it were the only newspaper, would have outsize importance.”

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: So, just as a technical matter, a number of the students in this room had a chance to hear from Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web, and he has a new idea for something called “Solid”. I don’t know if you’ve heard of Solid. It’s a protocol more than it is a product. So, there’s no car to move off the lot today. But its idea is allowing people to have the data that they generate as they motor around the web end up in their own kind of data locker. Now, for somebody like Tim, it might mean literally in a locker under his desk and he could wake up in the middle of the night and see where his data is. For others, it might mean Iraq somewhere, guarded perhaps by a fiduciary who’s looking out for them, the way that we put money in a bank and then we can sleep at night knowing the bankers are– this is maybe not the best analogy in 2019, but watching.


Mark Zuckerberg: We’ll get there.

Jonathan Zittrain: We’ll get there. But Solid says if you did that, people would then– or their helpful proxies– be able to say, “All right, Facebook is coming along. It wants the following data from me and including that data that it has generated about me as I use it, but stored back in my locker and it kind of has to come back to my well to draw water each time. And that way if I want to switch to Schmacebook or something, it’s still in my well and I can just immediately grant permission to Schmacebook to see it and I don’t have to do a kind of data slurp and then re-upload it. It’s a fully distributed way of thinking about data. And I’m curious from an engineering perspective does this seem doable with something of the size and the number of spinning wheels that Facebook has and does it seem like a

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah–

Jonathan Zittrain: –and I’m curious your reaction to an idea like that.

Mark Zuckerberg: So, I think it’s quite interesting. Certainly, the level of computation that Facebook is doing and all the services that we’re building is really intense to do in a distributed way. I mean, I think as a basic model I think we’re building out the data center capacity over the next five years and our plan for what we think we need to do that we think is on the order of all of what AWS and Google Cloud are doing for supporting all of their customers. So, okay, so, this is like a relatively computationally intense thing.

Over time you assume you’ll get more compute. So, decentralized things which are less efficient computationally will be harder– sorry, they’re harder to do computation on, but eventually maybe you have the compute resources to do that. I think the more interesting questions there are not feasibility in the near term, but are the philosophical questions of the goodness of a system like that.

So, one question if you want to– so, we can get into decentralization, one of the things that I’ve been thinking about a lot is a use of blockchain that I am potentially interesting in– although I haven’t figured out a way to make this work out, is around authentication and bringing– and basically granting access to your information and to different services. So, basically, replacing the notion of what we have with Facebook Connect with something that’s fully distributed.

Jonathan Zittrain: “Do you want to login with your Facebook account?” is the status quo

Mark Zuckerberg: Basically, you take your information, you store it on some decentralized system and you have the choice of whether to login to different places and you’re not going through an intermediary, which is kind of like what you’re suggesting here–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: –in a sense. Okay, now, there’s a lot of things that I think would be quite attractive about that. You know, for developers one of the things that is really troubling about working with our system, or Google’s system for that matter, or having your services through Apple’s app store, is that you don’t want to have an intermediary between serving your– the people who are using your service and you, right, where someone can just say, “Hey, we as a developer have to follow your policy and if we don’t, then you can cut off access to the people we’re serving.” That’s kind of a difficult and troubling position to be in. I think developers–

<overlapping conversation>

Jonathan Zittrain: –you’re referring to a recent incident.

Mark Zuckerberg: No, well, I was– well, sure<laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: But I think it underscores the– I think every developer probably feels this: People are using any app store but also login with Facebook, with Google; any of these services, you want a direct relationship with the people you serve.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Now, okay, but let’s look at the flip side. So, what we saw in the last couple of years with Cambridge Analytica, was basically an example where people chose to take data that they– some of it was their data, some of it was data that they had seen from their friends, right? Because if you want to do things like making it so alternative services can build a competing newsfeed, then you need to be able to make it so that people can bring the data that they see you [ph?] within the system. Okay, theybasically, people chose to give their data to a developer who’s affiliated with Cambridge University, which is a really respected institution, and then that developer turned around and sold the data to the firm Cambridge Analytica, which is in violation of our policies. So, we cut off the developers’ access. And, of course, in a fully distributed system there would be no one who could cut off the developers’ access. So, the question is if you have a fully distributed system, it dramatically empowers individuals on the one hand, but it really raises the stakes and it gets to your questions around, well, what are the boundaries on consent and how people can really actually effectively know that they’re giving consent to an institution?

In some ways it’s a lot easier to regulate and hold accountable large companies like Facebook or Google, because they’re more visible, they’re more transparent than the long tail of services that people would chose to then go interact with directly. So, I think that this is a really interesting social question. To some degree I think this idea of going in the direction of blockchain authentication is less gated on the technology and capacity to do that. I think if you were doing fully decentralized Facebook, that would take massive computation, but I’m sure we could do fully decentralized authentication if we wanted to. I think the real question is do you really want that?

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Right? And I think you’d have more cases where, yes, people would be able to not have an intermediary, but you’d also have more cases of abuse and the recourse would be much harder.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes. What I hear you saying is people as they go about their business online are generating data about themselves that’s quite valuable, if not to themselves, to others who might interact with them. And the more they are empowered, possibly through a distributed system, to decide where that data goes, with whom they want to share it, the more they could be exposed to exploitation. this is a genuine dilemma–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: –because I’m a huge fan of decentralization.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: But I also see the problem. And maybe one answer is there’s some data that’s just so toxic there’s no vessel we should put it in; it might eat a whole through it or something, metaphorically speaking. But, then again, innocuous data can so quickly be assembled into something scary. So, I don’t know if the next election–

<overlapping conversation>

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. [ph?] I mean, I think in general we’re talking about the large-scale of data being assembled into meaning something different from what the individual data points mean.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: And I think that’s the whole challenge here. But I philosophically agree with you thatI mean, I want to think about the– like, I do think about the work that we’re doing as a decentralizing force in the world, right? A lot of the reason why I think people of my generation got into technology is because we believe that technology gives individuals power and isn’t massively centralizing. Now you’ve built a bunch of big companies in the process, but I think what has largely happened is that individuals today have more voice, more ability to affiliate with who they want, and stay connected with people, ability to form communities in ways that they couldn’t before, and I think that’s massively empowering to individuals and that’s philosophically kind of the side that I tend to be on. So, that’s why I’m thinking about going back to decentralized or blockchain authentication. That’s why I’m kind of bouncing around how could you potentially make this work, because from my orientation is to try to go in that direction.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: An example where I think we’re generally a lot closer to going in that direction is encryption. I mean, this is, like, one of the really big debates today is basically what are the boundaries on where you would want a messaging service to be encrypted. And there are all these benefits from a privacy and security perspective, but, on the other hand, if what we’re trying to do– one of the big issues that we’re grappling with content governance and where is the line between free expression and, I suppose, privacy on one side, but safety on the other as people do really bad things, right, some of the time. And I think people rightfully have an expectation of us that we’re going to do everything we can to stop terrorists from recruiting people or people from exploiting children or doing different things. And moving in the direction of making these systems more encrypted certainly reduces some of the signals that we would have access to be able to do some of that really important work.

But here we are, right, we’re sitting in this position where we’re running WhatsApp, which is the largest end-to-end encrypting service in the world; we’re running messenger, which is another one of the largest messaging systems in the world where encryption is an option, but it isn’t the default. I don’t think long term it really makes sense to be running different systems with very different policies on this. I think this is sort of a philosophical question where you want to figure out where you want to be on it. And, so, my question for you– now,

I’ll talk about how I’m thinking about this– is all right, if you were in my position and you got to flip a switch is probably too glib, because there’s a lot of work that goes into this, and go in one direction for both of those services, who would you think about that?

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, the question you’re putting on the table, which is a hard one is “Is it okay,” and let’s just take the simple case, “for two people to communicate with each other in a way that makes it difficult for any third party to casually listen in?” Is that okay? And I think that the way we normally answer that question is kind of a form of what you might call status quo-ism, which is not satisfying. It’s whatever has been the case is—

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: –whatever has been the case is what should stay the case.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And, so, for WhatsApp, it’s like right now WhatsApp, as I understand it, you could correct me if I’m wrong, is pretty hard to get into if–

Mark Zuckerberg: It’s fully end-to-end encrypted.

Jonathan Zittrain: Right. So, if Facebook gets handed a subpoena or a warrant or something from name-your-favorite-country–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: –and you’re just like, “Thank you for playing. We have nothing to–” <overlapping conversation>

Mark Zuckerberg: Oh, yeah, we’ve had employees thrown in jail because we have gotten court orders that we have to turnover data that we wouldn’t probably anyway, but we can’t because it’s encrypted.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes. And then, on the other hand, and this is not as clean as it could be in theory, but Messenger is sometimes encrypted, sometimes not. If it doesn’t happen to have been encrypted by the users, then that subpoena could work and, more than that, there could start to be some automated systems either on Facebook’s own initiative or under pressure from governments in the general case, not a specific warrant, to say, “Hey, if the following phrases appear, if there’s some telltale that says, “This is somebody going after a kid for exploitation,” it should be forwarded up. If that’s already happening and we can produce x-number of people who have been identified and a number of crimes averted that way, who wants to be the person to be like, “Lock it down!” Like, “We don’t want any more of that!” But I guess, to put myself now to your question, when I look out over years rather than just weeks or months, the ability to casually peek at any conversation going on between two people or among a small group of people or even to have a machine do it for you, so, you can just set your alert list, you know, crudely speaking, and get stuff back, that– it’s always trite to call something Orwellian, but it makes Orwell look like a piker. I mean, it seems like a classic case where you– the next sentence would be “What could possible go wrong?”

Jonathan Zittrain: And we can fill that in! And it does mean, though, I think that we have to confront the fact that if we choose to allow that kind of communication, then there’s going to be crimes unsolved that could’ve been solved. There’s going to be crimes not prevented that could have been prevented. And the only thing that kind of blunts it a little is it is not really all or nothing. The modern surveillance states of note in the world, have a lot of arrows in their quivers. And just being able to darken you door and demand surveillance of a certain kind, that might be a first thing they would go to, but they’ve got a Plan B, and Plan C, and a Plan D. And I guess it really gets to what’s your threat model? If you think everybody is kind of a threat, think about the battles of copyright 15 years ago. Everybody is a potential infringer. All they have to do is fire up Napster, then you’re wanting some massive technical infrastructure to prevent the bad thing. If what you’re thinking is instead, they are a few really bad apples and they tend to– when they congregate online or otherwise with one another– tend to identify themselves and then we might have to send somebody near their house to listen with a cup at the window, metaphorically speaking. That’s a different threat model and [sic] might not need it.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: Is that getting to an answer to your question?

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, and I think I generally agree. I mean, I’ve already said publically that my inclination is to move these services in the direction of being all encrypted, at least the private communication version. I basically think if you want to kind of talk in metaphors, messaging is like people’s living room, right? And I think we– you know, we definitely don’t want a society where there’s a camera in everyone’s living room watching the content of those conversations.

Jonathan Zittrain: Even as we’re now– I mean, it is 2019, people are happily are putting cameras in their living rooms.

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s their choice, but I guess they’re putting cameras in their living rooms, well, for a number of reasons, but–

Jonathan Zittrain: And Facebook has a camera that you can go into your living room- <laughter> Mark Zuckerberg: That is, I guess–

Jonathan Zittrain: I just want to be clear.


Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, although that would be encrypted in this world.

Jonathan Zittrain: Encrypted between you and Facebook!

Mark Zuckerberg: No, no, no. I think– but it also–

<overlapping conversation>

Jonathan Zittrain: Doesn’t it have like a little Alexa functionality, too?

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, Portal works over Messenger. So, if we go towards encryption on Messenger, then that’ll be fully encrypted, which I think, frankly, is probably what people want.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: The other model, beside the living room is the town square and that, I think, just has different social norms and different policies and norms that should be at play around that. But I do think that these things are very different. Right? You’re not going to– you may end up in a world where the town square is a fully decentralized or fully encrypted thing, but it’s not clear what value there is in encrypting something that’s public content anyway, or very broad.

Jonathan Zittrain: But, now, you were put to it pretty hard in that as I understand it there’s now a change to how WhatsApp works, that there’s only five forwards permitted.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, so, this is a really interesting point, right? So, when people talk about how encryption will darken some of the signals that we’ll be able to use, you know, both for potentially providing better services and for preventing harm. One of the– I guess, somewhat surprising to me, findings of the last couple of years of working on content governance and enforcement is that it often is much more effective to identify fake accounts and bad actors upstream of them doing something bad by patterns of activity rather than looking at the content.

Jonathan Zittrain: So-called meta data.

Mark Zuckerberg: Sure.

Jonathan Zittrain: “I don’t know what they’re saying, but here’s who’s they’re calling” kind of thing.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, or just like they– this account doesn’t seem to really act like a person, right?

And I guess as AI gets more advanced and you build these adversarial networks or generalized adversarial networks, you’ll get to a place where you have Ai that can probably more effectively

Jonathan Zittrain: Go under mimic [ph?] cover. Mimic act like another person– <overlapping conversation>

Mark Zuckerberg: –for a while.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. But, at the same time, you’ll be building up contrary AI on the other side, but is better at identifying AIs that are doing that. But this has certainly been the most effective tactic across a lot of the areas where we’ve needed to focus to preventing harm. You know, the ability to identify fake accounts, which, like, a huge amount of the– under any category of issue that you’re talking about, a lot of the issues downstream come from fake accounts or people who are clearly acting in some malicious or not normal way. You can identify a lot of that without necessarily even looking at the content itself. And if you have to look at a piece of content, then in some cases, you’re already late, because the content exists and the activity has already happened. So, that’s one of the things that makes me feel like encryption for these messaging services is really the right direction to go, because you’re– it’s a very proprivacy and per security move to give people that control and assurance and I’m relatively confident that even though you are losing some tools to– on the finding harmful content side of the ledger, I don’t think at the end of the day that those are going to end up being the most important tools

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: –for finding the most of the–

<overlapping conversation>

Jonathan Zittrain: But now connect it up quickly to the five forwards thing.

Mark Zuckerberg: Oh, yeah, sure. So, that gets down to if you’re not operating on a piece of content directly, you need to operate on patterns of behavior in the network. And what we, basically found was there weren’t that many good uses for people forwarding things more than five times except to basically spam or blast stuff off. It was being disproportionately abused. So, you end up thinking about different tactics when you’re not operating on content specifically; you end up thinking about patterns of usage more.

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, spam, I get and that– I’m always in favor of things that reduce spam. However, you could also say the second category was just to spread content. You could have the classic, I don’t know, like Les Mis, or Paul Revere’s ride, or Arab Spring-esque in the romanticized vision of it: “Gosh, this is a way for people to do a tree,” and pass along a message that “you can’t stop the signal,” to use a Joss Whedon reference. You really want to get the word out. This would obviously stop that, too.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, and then I think the question is you’re just weighing whether you want this private communication tool where the vast majority of the use and the reason why it was designed was the vast majority of just one-on-one; there’s a large amount of groups that people communicate into, but it’s a pretty small edge case of people operating this with, like– you have a lot of different groups and you’re trying to organize something and almost hack public content-type or public sharing- type utility into an encrypted space and, again, there I think you start getting into “Is this the living room or is this the town square?” And when people start trying to use tools that are designed for one thing to get around what I think the social norms are for the town square, that’s when I think you probably start to have some issues. This is not– we’re not done addressing these issues. There’s a lot more to think through on this

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: –but that’s the general shape of the problem that at least I perceive from the work that we’re doing.

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, without any particular segue, let’s talk about fake news.


Jonathan Zittrain: So, insert your favorite segue here. There’s some choice or at least some decision that gets made to figure out what’s going to be next in my newsfeed when I scroll up a little more.

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hm.

Jonathan Zittrain: And in the last conversation bit, we were talking about how much we’re looking at content versus telltales and metadata, things that surround the content.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: For knowing about what that next thing in the newsfeed should be, is it a valid desirable material consideration, do you think, for a platform like Facebook to say is the thing we are about to present true, whatever true means?

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, yes, because, again, getting at trying to serve people, people tell us that they don’t want fake content. Right. I mean, I don’t know anyone who wants fake content. I think the whole issue is, again, who gets to decide. Right. So broadly speaking, I don’t know any individual who would sit there and say, “Yes, please show me things that you know are false and that are fake.” People want good quality content and information. That said, I don’t really think that people want us to be deciding what is true for them and people disagree on what is true. And, like, truth is, I mean, there are different levels of when someone is telling a story, maybe the meta arc is talking about something that is true but the facts that were used in it are wrong in some nuanced way but, like, it speaks to some deeper experience. Well, was that true or not? And do people want that disqualified from to them? I think different people are going to come to different places on this.

Now, so I’ve been very sensitive, which, on, like, we really want to make sure that we’re showing people high quality content and information. We know that people don’t want false information. So we’re building quite advanced systems to be able to– to make sure that we’re emphasizing and showing stuff that is going to be high quality. But the big question is where do you get the signal on what the quality is? So the kind of initial v.1 of this was working with third party fact checkers.

Right, I believe very strongly that people do not want Facebook and that we should not be the arbiters of truth in deciding what is correct for everyone in the society. I think people already generally think that we have too much power in deciding what content is good. I tend to also be concerned about that and we should talk about some of the governance stuff that we’re working on separately to try to make it so that we can bring more independent oversight into that.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: But let’s put that in a box for now and just say that with those concerns in mind, I’m definitely not looking to try to take on a lot more in terms of also deciding in addition to enforcing all the content policies, also deciding what is true for everyone in the world. Okay, so v.1 of that is we’re going to work with–

Jonathan Zittrain: Truth experts.

Mark Zuckerberg: We’re working with fact checkers.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: And, and they’re experts and basically, there’s like a whole field of how you go and assess certain content. They’re accredited. People can disagree with the leaning of some of these organizations.

Jonathan Zittrain: <laughter> Who does accredited fact checkers?

Mark Zuckerberg: <laughs> The Poynter Institute for Journalism.

Jonathan Zittrain: I should apply for my certification.

Mark Zuckerberg: You may.

Jonathan Zittrain: Okay, good.

Mark Zuckerberg: You’d probably get it, but you have to– You’d have to go through the process.

Mark Zuckerberg: The issue there is there aren’t enough of them, right. So there’s a large content. There’s obviously a lot of information is shared every day and there just aren’t a lot of fact checkers. So then the question is okay, that is probably

Jonathan Zittrain: But the portion– You’re saying the food is good, it’s just the portions are small. But the food is good.

Mark Zuckerberg: I think in general, but so you build systems, which is what we’ve done especially leading up to elections where I think are some of the most fraught times around this where people really are aggressively trying to spread misinformation.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: You build systems that prioritize content that seems like it’s going viral because you want to reduce the prevalence of how widespread the stuff gets, so that way the fact checkers have tools to be able to, like, prioritize what they need to go– what they need to go look at. But it’s still getting to a relatively small percent of the content. So I think the real thing that we want to try to get to over time is more of a crowd sourced model where people, it’s not that people are trusting some sort, some basic set of experts who are accredited but are in some kid of lofty institution somewhere else. It’s like do you trust, yeah, like, if you get enough data points from within the community of people reasonably looking at something and assessing it over time, then the question is can you compound that together into something that is a strong enough signal that we can then use that?

Jonathan Zittrain: Kind of in the old school like a slash-dot moderating system

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: With only the worry that if the stakes get high enough, somebody wants to Astroturf that.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yes.

Jonathan Zittrain: I’d be–

Mark Zuckerberg: There are a lot of questions here, which is why I’m not sitting here and announcing a new program.


Mark Zuckerberg: But what I’m saying is this is, like,–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah,

Mark Zuckerberg: This is the general direction that I think we should be thinking about when we haveand I think that there’s a lot of questions and–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: And we’d like to run some tests in this area to see whether this can help out. Which would be upholding the principles which are that we want to stop–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: The spread of misinformation.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Knowing that no one wants misinformation. And the other principle, which is that we do not want to be arbiters of truth.

Jonathan Zittrain: Want to be the decider, yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: And I think that that’s the basic– those are the basic contours I think of that, of that problem.

Jonathan Zittrain: So let me run an idea by you that you can process in real time and tell me the eight reasons I have not thought of why this is a terrible idea. And that would be people see something in their Facebook feed. They’re about to share it out because it’s got a kind of outrage factor to it. I think of the classic story from two years ago in The Denver Guardian about “FBI agent suspected in Hilary Clinton email leak implicated in murder-suicide.” I have just uttered fake news.

None of that was true if you clicked through The Denver Guardian. There was just that article. There is Denver Guardian. If you live in Denver, you cannot subscribe. Like, it is unambiguously fake. And it was shared more times than the most shared story during the election season of The Boston Globe. And so

Mark Zuckerberg: So, and this is actually an example, by the way, of where trying to figure out fake accounts is a much simpler solution.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Than trying to down–

Jonathan Zittrain: So if newspaper has one article–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: Wait for ten more before you decide they’re a newspaper.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. Or, you know, I mean, it’s there are any number of systems that you could build to basically detect, “Hey, this is–”

Jonathan Zittrain: A Potemkin.

Mark Zuckerberg: This is a fraudulent thing.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: And then you can take that down. And again, that ends up being a much less controversial decision because you’re doing it upstream based on the basis of inauthenticity.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: In a system where people are supposed to be their real and represent that they’re their real selves than downstream, trying to say, “Hey, is this true or false?”

Jonathan Zittrain: I made a mistake in giving you the easy case.

Mark Zuckerberg: Okay.


Jonathan Zittrain: So I should have not used that example.

Mark Zuckerberg: Too simple.

Jonathan Zittrain: You’re right and you knocked that one out of the park and, like, Denver Guardian, come up with more articles and be real and then come back and talk to us.


Jonathan Zittrain: So, here’s the harder case which is something that might be in an outlet that is, you know, viewed as legitimate, has a number of users, et cetera. So you can’t use the metadata as easily.

Imagine if somebody as they shared it out could say, “By the way, I want to follow this. I want to learn a little bit more about this.” They click a button that says that. And I also realized when I talked earlier to somebody at Facebook on this that adding a new button to the homepage is, like, everybody’s first idea

Mark Zuckerberg: Oh, yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And it’s–

Mark Zuckerberg: But it’s a reasonable thought experiment, even though it would lead to a very bad UI.

Jonathan Zittrain: Fair enough. I understand this is already–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. <laughs>

Jonathan Zittrain: In the land of fantasy. So they add the button. They say, “I want to follow up on this.”

If enough people are clicking comparatively on the same thing to say, “I want to learn more about this. If anything else develops, let me know, Facebook,” that, then, if I have my pneumatic tube, it then goes to a convened virtually panel of three librarians. We go to the librarians of the nation and the world at public and private libraries across the land who agree to participate in this program. Maybe we set up a little foundation for it that’s endowed permanently and no long connected to whoever endowed it. And those librarians together discuss the piece and they come back with what they would tell a patron if somebody came up to them and said, “I’m about to cite this in my social studies paper. What do you think?” And librarians, like, live for questions like that.

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hmm, yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: They’re like, “Wow. Let us tell you.” And they have a huge fiduciary notion of patron duty that says, “I may disapprove of you even studying this, whatever, but I’m here to serve you, the user.”

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: “And I just think you should know, this is why maybe it’s not such a good source.” And when they come up with that they can send it back and it gets pushed out to everybody who asks for follow-up–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And they can do with it as they will. And last piece of the puzzle, we have high school students who apprentice as librarian number three for credit.


Jonathan Zittrain: And then they can get graded on how well they participated in this exercise which helps generate a new generation of librarian-themed people who are better off at reading things, so.

Mark Zuckerberg: All right, well, I think you have a side goal here which I haven’t been thinking about on the librarian thing.


Mark Zuckerberg: Which is the evil goal of promoting libraries.

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, it’s

Mark Zuckerberg: No, but I mean, look, I think solving– preventing misinformation or spreading misinformation is hard enough without also trying to develop high school students in a direction.

Jonathan Zittrain: Ah. My colleague Charlies Foote–

Mark Zuckerberg: So, that’s solving a problem with a problem.

Jonathan Zittrain: All right. Well, anyway, yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: So I actually think I agree with most of what you have in there. It doesn’t need to be a button on the home page, it can be– I mean, it turns out that there’s so many people using these services that even if you get– even if you put something that looks like it’s not super prominent, like, behind the three dots on a given newsfeed story, you have the options, yeah, you’re not– not everyone is going tois going to like something.

Jonathan Zittrain: If 1 out of 1000 do it, you still get 10,000 or 100,000 people, yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: You get pretty good signal. But I actually think you could do even better, which is, it’s not even clear that you need that signal. I think that that’s super helpful. I think really what matters is looking at stuff that’s getting a lot of distribution. So, you know, I think that there’s kind of this notion, and I’m going back to the encryption conversation, which is all right, if I say something that’s wrong to you in a one-on-one conversation, I mean, does that need to be fact checked? I mean, it’s, yeah, it would be good if you got the most accurate information.

Jonathan Zittrain: I do have a personal librarian to accompany me for most conversations, yes. There you go.


Mark Zuckerberg: Well, you are–

Jonathan Zittrain: Unusual.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, yeah. Yes.


Mark Zuckerberg: That’s the word I was looking for. <laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: I’m not sure I believe you, but yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: It’s– <laughs> But I think that there’s limited– I don’t think anyone would say that every message that goes back and forth in especially an encrypted messaging service should be

Jonathan Zittrain: Fact checked.

Mark Zuckerberg: Should be fact checked.

Jonathan Zittrain: Correct.

Mark Zuckerberg: So I think the real question is all right, when something starts going viral or getting a lot of distribution, that’s when it becomes most socially important for it to be– have some level of validation or at least that we know where that the community in general thinks that this is a reasonable thing. So it’s actually, while it’s helpful to have the signal of whether people are flagging this as something that we should look at, I actually think increasingly you want to be designing systems that just prevent like alarming or sensational content from going viral in the first place. And making sure that that, that the stuff that is getting wide distribution is doing so because it’s high quality on whatever front you care about. So then, okay–

Jonathan Zittrain: And that quality is still generally from Poynter or some external party that

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, well quality has many dimensions.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: But certainly accuracy is one dimension of it. You also, I mean, you pointed out I think in one of your questions, is this piece of content prone to incite outrage. If you don’t mind, I’ll get to your panel of three things in a second, but as a slight detour on this.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: One of the findings that has been quite interesting is, you know, there’s this question about whether social media in general increases, basically makes it so that sensationalist content gets the most distribution. And what we’ve found is that, all right, so we’re going to have rules, right, about what content is allowed. And what we found is that generally within whatever rules you set up, as content approaches the line of what is allowed, it often gets more distribution. So if you’ll have some rule on, you know, what– And take a completely different example and our nudity policies. Right. It’s like, okay, you have to define what is unacceptable nudity in some way. As you get as close to that as possible it’s like, all right. Like, this is maybe a photo of someone–

Jonathan Zittrain: The skin to share ratio goes up until it gets banned at which point it goes to zero.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yes. Okay. So that is a bad property of a system, right, that I think you want to generally address. Or you don’t want to design a community where or systems for helping to build a community where things that get as close to the line as what is bad get the most distribution.

Jonathan Zittrain: So long as we have the premise, which in many cases is true, but I could probably try to think of some where it wouldn’t be true, that as you near the line, you are getting worse.

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s a good point. That’s a good point. There’s–

Jonathan Zittrain: You know, there might be humor that’s really edgy.

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s true.

Jonathan Zittrain: And that conveys a message that would be impossible to convey without the edginess, while not still–

Mark Zuckerberg: That is–

Jonathan Zittrain: But, I–

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s true.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: So but then you get the question of what’s the cost benefit of allowing that. And obviously, where you can accurately separate what’s good and bad which you, like in the case of misinformation I’m not sure you could do it fully accurately, but you can try to build systems that approximate that, there’s certainly the issue, which is that, I mean, there is misinformation which leads to massive public harm, right. So if it’s misinformation that is also spreading hate and leading to genocide or public attacks or, it’s like, okay, we’re not going to allow that. Right. That’s coming down. But then generally if you say something that’s wrong, we’re not going to try to block that.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: We’re just going to try to not show it to people widely because people don’t want content that is wrong. So then the question is as something is approaching the line, how do you assess that? This is a general theme in a lot of the content governance and enforcement work that we’re doing, which is there’s one piece of this which is just making sure that we can as effectively as possible enforce the policies that exist. Then there’s a whole other stream of work, which I called borderline content, which is basically this issue of as content approaches the line of being against the policies, how do you make sure that that isn’t the content that is somehow getting the most distribution? And a lot of the things that we’ve done in the last year were focused on that problem and it really improves the quality of the service and people appreciate that.

Jonathan Zittrain: So this idea would be stuff that you’re kind of letting down easy without banning and letting down easy as it’s going to somehow have a coefficient of friction for sharing that goes up. It’s going to be harder–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: For it to go viral.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And–

Mark Zuckerberg: So it’s fascinating because it’s just against– Like, you can take almost any category of policy that we have, so I used nudity a second ago. You know, gore and violent imagery.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Hate speech.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: Any of these things. I mean, there’s, like, hate speech, there’s content that you would just say is mean or toxic, but that did not violate– But that you would not want to have a society that banned being able to say that thing. But it’s, but you don’t necessarily want that to be the content that is getting the most distribution.

Jonathan Zittrain: So here’s a classic transparency question around exactly that system you described.

And when you described this, I think you did a post around this a few months ago. This was fascinating.

You had graphs in the post depicting this, which was great. How would you feel about sharing back to the person who posted or possibly to everybody who encounters it its coefficient of friction? Would that freak people out? Would it be, like, all right, I– And in fact, they would then probably start conforming their posts, for better or worse,–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: To try to maximize the sharability. But that rating is already somewhere in there by design. Would it be okay to surface it?

Mark Zuckerberg: So, as a principle, I think that that would be good, but I don’t– The way that the systems are designed isn’t that you get a score of how inflammatory or sensationalist a piece of content is. The way that it basically works is you can build classifiers that identify specific types of things. Right.

So we’re going down the list of, like, all right, there’s 20 categories of harmful content that you’re trying to identify. You know, everything from terrorist propaganda on the one hand to self-harm issues to hate speech and election interference. And basically, each of these things while it uses a lot of the same underlying machine learning infrastructure, you’re doing specific work for each of them. So if you go back to the example on Nudity for a second, you know, what you– you’re not necessarily scoring everything on a scale of not at all nude to nude. You[‘re basically enforcing specific policies. So, you know, you’re saying, “Okay, if–”

Jonathan Zittrain: So by machine learning it would just be give me an estimate of the odds by which if a human looked at it who was employed to enforce policy–

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, basically–

Jonathan Zittrain: Whether it violates the policy.

Mark Zuckerberg: And you have a sense of, okay, this is– So what are the things that are adjacent to the policy, right? So you night say, okay, well, if the person is completely naked, that is something that you can definitely build a classifier to be able to identify with relatively high accuracy. But even if they’re not, you know, then the question is you kind of need to be able to qualitatively describe what are the things that are adjacent to that. So maybe the person is wearing a bathing suit and is in a sexually suggestive position. Right. It’s not like any piece of content you’re going to score from not at all nude to nude. But you kind of have the cases for what you think are adjacent to the issues and, and again, you ground this and qualitatively, people, like, people might click on it, they might engage with it, but at the end, they don’t necessarily feel good about it. And you want to get at when you’re designing these systems not just what people do, but also you want to make sure we factor in, too, like is this the content that people say that they really want to be seeing? Do they–?

Jonathan Zittrain: The constitutional law, there’s a formal kind of definition that’s emerged for the word “prurient.” If something appeals to the prurient interest–

Mark Zuckerberg: Okay.

Jonathan Zittrain: As part of a definition of obscenity, the famous Miller test, which was not a beeroriented test. And part of a prurient interest is basically it excites me and yet it completely disgusts me.

And it sounds like you’re actually converging to the Supreme Court’s vision of prurience with this.

Mark Zuckerberg: Maybe.


Jonathan Zittrain: And it might be– Don’t worry, I’m not trying to nail you down on that. But it’s very interesting that machine learning, which you invoked, is both really good, I gather, at something like this.

It’s the kind of thing that’s like just have some people tell me with their expertise, does this come near to violating the policy or not and I’ll just through a Spidey sense start to tell you whether it would.

Mark Zuckerberg: Mm-hmm.

Jonathan Zittrain: Rather than being able to throw out exactly what the factors are. I know the person’s fully clothed, but it still is going to invoke that quality. So all of the benefits of machine learning and all of, of course, all the drawbacks where it classifies something and somebody’s like, “Wait a minute. That was me doing a parody of blah, blah, blah.” That all comes to the fore.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah and I mean, when you ask people what they want to see in addition to looking at what they actually engage with, you do get a completely different sense of what people value and you can build systems that approximate that. But going back to your question, I think rather than giving people a score of the friction–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: I think you can probably give people feedback of, “Hey, this might make people uncomfortable in this way, in this specific way.” And this fits your–

Jonathan Zittrain: It might affect how much it gets– how much it gets shared.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. And this gets down to a different– There’s a different AI ethics question which I think is really important here, which is designing AI systems to be understandable by people

Jonathan Zittrain: Right.

Mark Zuckerberg: Right and to some degree, you don’t just want it to spit out a score of how offensive or, like, where it scores on any given policy. You want it to be able to map to specific things that might be problematic.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: And that’s the way that we’re trying to design the systems overall.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes. Now we have something parked in the box we should take out, which is the external review stuff. But before we do, one other just transparency thing maybe to broach. It basically just occurred to me, I imagine it might be possible to issue me a score of how much I’ve earned for Facebook this year. It could simply say, “This is how much we collected on the basis of you in particular being exposed to an ad.” <laughs> And I know sometimes people, I guess, might compete to get their numbers up. <laughs> But I’m just curious, would that be a figure? I’d kind of be curious to know, in part because it might even lay the groundwork of being like, “Look, Mark, I’ll double it. You can have double the money and then don’t show me any ads.” Can we get a car off of that lot today?


Mark Zuckerberg: <laughs> Okay, well, there’s a lot– <laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: There’s a lot in there.

Jonathan Zittrain: It was a quick question.

Mark Zuckerberg: <laughs> So there’s a question in what you’re saying which is so we built an ad-supported system. Should we have an option for people to pay to not see ads.

Jonathan Zittrain: Right.

Mark Zuckerberg: I think is kind of what you’re saying. I mean, just as the basic primer from first principles on this. You know, we’re building this service. We want to give everyone a voice. We want everyone to be able to connect with who they care about. If you’re trying to build a service for everyone,

Jonathan Zittrain: Got to be free. That’s just <inaudible 01:04:45>

Mark Zuckerberg: If you want them to use it, that’s just going to be the argument. Yes, yes.

Jonathan Zittrain: Okay. All right.

Mark Zuckerberg: So then, so this is a kind of a tried and true thing. There are a lot of companies over time that have been ad supported. In general what we find is that if people are going to see ads, they want them to be relevant. They don’t want them to be junk. Right. So then within that you give people control over how their data is used to show them ads. But the vast majority of people say, like, show me the most relevant ads that you can because I get that I have to see ads. This is a free service. So now the question is, all right, so there’s a whole set of questions around that that we could get into, but but then

Jonathan Zittrain: For which we did talk about enough to reopen it, the personalization exploitation.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: Or even just philosophical question. Right now, Uber or Lyft are not funded that way.

We could apply this ad model to Uber or Lyft, “Free rides. Totally free. It’s just every fifth ride takes you to Wendy’s and idles outside the drive through window.”


Jonathan Zittrain: “Totally up to you what you want to do, but you’re going to sit here for a while,” and then you go on your way. I don’t know how– and status quo-ism would probably say people would have a problem with that, but it would give people rides that otherwise wouldn’t get rides.

Mark Zuckerberg: I have not thought about that case in their–


Mark Zuckerberg: In their business, so, so–

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, that’s my patent, damn it, so don’t you steal it.

Mark Zuckerberg: But certainly some services, I think tend themselves better towards being ad supported than others.

Jonathan Zittrain: Okay.

Mark Zuckerberg: Okay and I think generally information-based ones tend to–

Jonathan Zittrain: Than my false imprisonment hypo, I’d– Okay, fair enough.

Mark Zuckerberg: I mean, that seems

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: There might be, you know, more– <laughs> more issues there. But okay, but go to the subscription thing.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: When people have questions about the ad model on Facebook, I don’t think the questions are just about the ad model, I think they’re about both seeing ads and data use around ads.

And the thing that I think, so when I think about this it’s, I don’t just think you want to let people pay to not see ads because I actually think then the question is the questions are around ads and data use and I don’t think people are going to be that psyched about not seeing ads but then not having different controls over how their data is used. Okay, but now you start getting into a principle question which is are we going to let people pay to have different controls on data use than other people. And my answer to that is a hard no, right. So the prerequisite–

Jonathan Zittrain: What’s an example of data use that isn’t ad-based, just so we know what we’re talking about?

Mark Zuckerberg: That isn’t ad-based?

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: Like what do you mean?

Jonathan Zittrain: You were saying, I don’t want to see ads. But you’re saying that’s kind of just the wax on the car. What’s underneath is how the data gets used.

Mark Zuckerberg: So, well, look– Maybe– let me keep going with this explanation and then I think this’ll be clear.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah, sure.

Mark Zuckerberg: So one of the things that we’ve been working on is this tool that we call clear history. And the basic idea is it is you can kind of analogize it to a web browser where you can clear your cookies. That’s kind of a normal thing. You know that when you clear your cookies you’re going to get logged out of a bunch of stuff. A bunch of stuff might get more annoying.

Jonathan Zittrain: Which is why my guess is, am I right, probably nobody clears their cookies.

Mark Zuckerberg: I don’t know.

Jonathan Zittrain: They might use incognito mode or something, but.

Mark Zuckerberg: I think– I don’t know. How many of you guys clear your cookies every once in a while, right?

Jonathan Zittrain: This is not a representative group, damn it.


Mark Zuckerberg: Okay. Like, maybe once a year or something I’ll clear my cookies.

Jonathan Zittrain: <laughs>

Mark Zuckerberg: But no, it’s, I think–

Jonathan Zittrain: Happy New Year.


Mark Zuckerberg: No, over some period of time, all right, but–

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah, okay.

Mark Zuckerberg: But not necessarily every day. But it’s important that people have that tool even though it might in a local sense make their experience worse.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: Okay. So that kind of content of what different services, websites and apps send to Facebook that, you know, we use to help measure the ads in effectiveness there, right, so things like, you know, if you’re an app developer and you’re trying to pay for ads to help grow your app, we want to only charge you when we actually, when something that we show leads to an install, not just whether someone sees the ad or clicks on it, but if they add–

Jonathan Zittrain: That requires a whole infrastructure to, yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: Okay, so then, yeah, so you build that out. It helps us show people more relevant ads.

It can help show more relevant content. Often a lot of these signals are super useful also on the security side for some of the other things that we’ve talked about, so that ends up being important. But fundamentally, you know, looking at the model today, it seems like you should have something like this ability to clear history. It turns out that it’s a much more complex technical project. I’d talked about this at our developer conference last year, about how I’d hoped that we’d roll it out by the end of 2018 and just, the plumbing goes so deep into all the different systems that it’s, that– But we’re still working on it and we’re going to do it. It’s just it’s taking a little bit longer.

Jonathan Zittrain: So clear history basically means I am as if a newb, I just show

Mark Zuckerberg: Yes.

Jonathan Zittrain: Even though I’ve been using Facebook for a while, it’s as if it knows nothing about me and it starts accreting again.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And I’m just trying to think just as a plain old citizen, how would I make an informed judgment about how often to do that or when I should do it? What–?

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, hold on. Let’s go to that in a second.

Jonathan Zittrain: Okay.

Mark Zuckerberg: But one thing, just to connect the dots on the last conversation.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: Clear history is a prerequisite, I think, for being able to do anything like subscriptions.

Right. Because, like, partially what someone would want to do if they were going to really actually pay for a not ad supported version where their data wasn’t being used in a system like that, you would want to have a control so that Facebook didn’t have access or wasn’t using that data or associating it with your account. And as a principled matter, we are not going to just offer a control like that to people who pay.

Right. That’s going to, if we’re going to give controls over data use, we’re going to do that for everyone in the community. So that’s the first thing that I think we need to go do.

Mark Zuckerberg: So that’s, so that’s kind of– This is sort of the how we’re thinking about the projects and this is a really deep and big technical project but we’re committed to doing it because I think it’s that’s what it’s there for. [ph?] +++

Jonathan Zittrain: And I guess like an ad block or somebody could then write a little script for your browser that would just clear your history every time you visit or something.

Mark Zuckerberg: Oh, yeah, no, but the plan would also be to offer something that’s an ongoing thing.

Jonathan Zittrain: I see.

Mark Zuckerberg: In your browser, but I think the analogy here is you kind of have, in your browser you have the ability to clear your cookies. And then, like, in some other place you have under your, like, nuclear settings, like, don’t ever accept any cookies in my browser. And it’s like, all right, your browser’s not really going to work that well.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah. <laughs>

Mark Zuckerberg: But, but you can do that if you want because you should have that control. I think that these are part and parcel, right. It’s I think a lot of people might go and clear their history on a periodic basis because they– Or, or actually in the research that we’ve done on this as we’ve been developing it, the real thing that people have told us that they want is similar to cookie management, not necessarily wiping everything, because that ends in inconvenience of getting logged out of a bunch of things, but there are just certain services or apps that you don’t want that data to be connected to your Facebook account. So having the ability on an ad hoc basis to go through and say, “Hey, stop associating this thing,” is going to end up being a quite important thing that I think we want to try to deliver. So that’s, this is partially as we’re getting into this, it’s a more complex thing but I think it’s very valuable. And I think if any conversation around the– around subscriptions, I think you would want to start with giving people these, make sure that everyone has these kind of controls. So that’s, we’re kind of in the early phases of doing that. The philosophical downstream question of whether you also let people pay to not have ads, I don’t know. There were a bunch of questions around whether that’s actually a good thing, but I personally don’t believe that very many people would like to pay to not have ads. That all of the research that we have, it’s it may still end up being the right thing to offer that as a choice down the line, but all of the data that I’ve seen suggests that the vast, vast, vast majority of people want a free service and that the ads, in a lot of places are not even that different from the organic content in terms of the quality of what people are being able to see.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: People like being able to get information from local businesses and things like that too, so. So there’s a lot of good there.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah. Forty years ago it would have been the question of ABC versus HBO and the answer turned out to be yes.


Jonathan Zittrain: So you’re right. And people might have different things.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: There’s a little paradox lingering in there about if something’s so important and vital that we wouldn’t want to deprive anybody of access to it but therefore nobody gets it until we figured out how to remove it for everybody.

Mark Zuckerberg: What we– [ph?] +++

Jonathan Zittrain: In other words, if I could buy my way out of ads and data collection it wouldn’t be fair to those who can’t and therefore we all subsist with it until the advances you’re talking about.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, but I guess what I’m saying is on the data use, I don’t believe that that’s something that people should buy. I think the data principles that we have need to be uniformly available to everyone. That to me is a really important principle. It’s, like, maybe you could have a conversation about whether you should be able to pay and not see ads. That doesn’t feel like a moral question to me.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: But the question of whether you can pay to have different privacy controls feels wrong. So that to me is something that in any conversation about whether we’d evolve towards having a subscription service, I think you have to have these controls first and it’s a very deep thing. A technical problem to go do, but we’re– that’s why we’re working through that.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes. So long as the privacy controls that we’re not able to buy our way into aren’t controls that people ought to have. You know, it’s just the kind of underlying question of is the system as it is that we can’t opt out of a fair system. And that’s of course, you know, you have to go into the details to figure out what you mean by it. But let’s in the remaining time we have left

Mark Zuckerberg: How are we doing on time?

Jonathan Zittrain: We’re good. We’re 76 minutes in.

Mark Zuckerberg: All right, into–


Mark Zuckerberg: We’re going to get through maybe half the topics.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: And I’ll come back and do another one later.

Jonathan Zittrain: I’m going to bring this in for a landing soon. On my agenda left includes such things as taking out of the box the independent review stuff, chat a little bit about that. I’d be curious, and this might be a nice thing, really, as we wrap up, which would be a sense of any vision you have for what would Facebook look like in 10 or 15 years and how different would it be than the Facebook of 10 years ago is compared to today. So that’s something I’d want to talk about. Is there anything big on your list that you want to make sure we talk about?

Mark Zuckerberg: Those are good. Those are good topics.

Jonathan Zittrain: <laughs> Fair enough.

Mark Zuckerberg: <laughs>

Jonathan Zittrain: So all right, the external review board.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. So one of the big questions that I have just been thinking about is, you know, we make a lot of decisions around content enforcement and what stays up and what comes down. And having gone through this process over the last few years of working on the systems, one of the themes that I feel really strongly about is that we shouldn’t be making so many of these decisions ourselves. You know, one of the ways that I try to reason about this stuff is take myself out of the position of being CEO of the company, almost like a Rawlsian perspective. If I was a different person, what would I want the CEO of the company to be able to do? And I would not want so many decisions about content to be concentrated with any individual. So–

Jonathan Zittrain: It is weird to see big impactful, to use a terrible word, decisions about what a huge swath of humanity does or doesn’t see inevitably handled as, like, a customer service issue. It does feel like a mismatch, which is what I hear you saying.

Mark Zuckerberg: So let’s, yeah, so I actually think the customer service analogy is a really interesting one. Right. So when you email Amazon, because they don’t, they make a mistake with your package, that’s customer support. Right. I mean, they are trying to provide a service and generally, they can invest more in customer support and make people happier. We’re doing something completely different, right.

When someone emails us with an issue or flags some content, they’re basically complaining about something that someone else in the community did. So it’s more like it’s almost more like a court system in that sense. Doing more of that does not make people happy because in every one of those transactions one person ends up the winner and one is the loser. Either you said that that content, that the content was fine, in which case the person complaining is upset, or you the someone’s content down, in which case the person is really upset because you’re now telling them that they don’t have the ability to express something that they feel is a valid thing that they should be able to express.

So in some deep sense while some amount of what we do is customer support, people get locked out of their account, et cetera, you know, we now have, like, more than 30,000 people working on content review and safety review, doing the kind of judgments that, you know, it’s basically a lot of the stuff, we have machine learning systems that flag things that could be problematic in addition to people in the community flagging things, but making these assessments of whether the stuff is right or not. So one of the questions that I just think about, it’s like, okay, well, you have many people doing this.

Regardless of how much training they have, we’re going to make mistakes, right. So you want to start building in principles around, you know, what you would kind of think of as due process, right. So we’re building in an ability to have an appeal, right, which already is quite good in that we are able to overturn a bunch of mistakes that the first line people make in making these assessments. But at some level I think you also want a level of kind of independent appeal, right, where if, okay, let’s say, so the appeals go to maybe a higher level of Facebook employee who is a little more trained in the nuances of the policies; but at some point, I think you also need an appeal to an independent groups, which is, like, is this policy fair? Was this–? Like is this piece of content really getting on the wrong side of the balance of free expression and safety? And I just don’t think at the end of the day that that’s something that you want centralized in a single company. So now the question is how do you design that system and that’s a real question, right, so that we don’t pretend to have the answers on this. What we’re basically working through is we have a draft proposal and we’re working with a lot of experts around the world to run a few pilots in the first half of this year that can hopefully we can codify into something that’s a longer term thing. But I just, I believe that this is just an incredibly important thing. As a person and if I take aside the role that I have as CEO of the company, I do not want the company being able to make all of those final decisions without a check and balance and accountability, so I want to use the position that I’m in to help build that kind of an institution.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes. And when we talk about an appeal, then, it sounds like you could appeal two distinct things. One is this was the rule but it was applied wrong to me. This, in fact, was parody [ph?] so it shouldn’t be seen as near the line.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And I want the independent body to look at that. The other would be the rule is wrong. The rule should change because–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: And you’re thinking the independent body could weigh in on both of those?

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. Over time, I would like the role of the independent oversight board to be able to expand to do additional things as well. I think the question is it’s hard enough to even set something up that’s going to codify the values that we have around expression and safety on a relatively defined topic.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: So I think the question is if you kind of view this as an experiment in institution building where we’re trying to build this thing that is going to have real power toJonathan Zittrain: Yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: I mean, like, I will not be able to make a decision that overturns what they say. Which I think is good. I think also just it raises the stakes. You need to make sure we get this right, so.

Jonathan Zittrain: It’s fascinating. It’s huge. I think the way you’re describing it, I wouldn’t want to understate–

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.

Jonathan Zittrain: That this is not a usual way of doing business.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, but I think it– I think this is– I really care about getting this right.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah.

Mark Zuckerberg: But I think you want to start with something that’s relatively well-defined and then hopefully expand it to be able to cover more things over time. So in the beginning I think one question that could come up is my understanding, I mean, it’s always dangerous talking about legal precedence when I’m, this might be one of my first times at Harvard Law School. I did not spend a lot of time here<laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: When I was an undergrad. But, you know what I mean, the, if the Supreme Court overturns something, they don’t tell Congress what the law should be, they just say there’s an issue here, right. And then basically there’s a process. All right. So if I’m getting that wrong<laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: All right. I shouldn’t have done that.

Jonathan Zittrain: No, no. That’s quite honest. [ph?]

Mark Zuckerberg: I knew that was dangerous.


Mark Zuckerberg: And that that was a mistake.

Jonathan Zittrain: There are people who do agree with you.


Mark Zuckerberg: Okay. Oh, so that’s an open question that that’s how it works.

Jonathan Zittrain: It’s a highly debated question, yes.

Mark Zuckerberg: All right.

Jonathan Zittrain: There’s the I’m just the umpire calling balls and strikes and in fact, the first type of question we brought up, which was, “Hey, we get this is the standard. Does it apply here?” lends itself a little more to, you know, you get three swings and if you miss them all, like, you can’t keep playing. The umpire can usher you away from the home plate. This is, I’m really digging deep into my knowledge now of baseball. There’s another thing about, like,–

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s okay. I’m not the person who’s going to call you out on getting something wrong there.

Jonathan Zittrain: I appreciate that.

Mark Zuckerberg: That’s why I also need to have a librarian next to me at all times. <laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: Very good. I wonder how much librarians tend to know about baseball. <laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: Aww.

Jonathan Zittrain: But we digress. Ah, we’re going to get letters, mentions.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah.


Jonathan Zittrain: But whether or not the game is actually any good with a three strikes rule, maybe there should be two or four or whatever, starts to ask of the umpire more than just, you know, your best sense of how that play just went. Both may be something. Both are surely beyond standard customer service issues, so both could maybe be usefully externalized. What you’d ask the board to do in the category one kind of stuff maybe it’s true that, like, professional umpirage [ph?] could help us and there are people who are jurists who can do that worldwide. For the other, whether it’s the Supreme

Jonathan Zittrain: –court, or the so-called common law and state courts where often a state supreme court will be like, “Henceforth, 50 feet needs to be the height of a baseball net,” and like, “If you don’t agree, Legislature, we’ll hear from you, but until then it’s 50 feet.” They really do kind of get into the weeds. They derive maybe some legitimacy for decisions like that from being close to their communities, and it really regresses them to a question of: Is Facebook a global community, a community of 2.X billion people worldwide, transcending any national boundaries, and for which I think so far on these issues, it’s meant to be, “The rule is the rule,” it doesn’t really change in terms of service from one place to anotherversus how much do we think of it as somehow localized– whether or not localized through governmentbut where different local communities make their own judgments?

Mark Zuckerberg: That is one of the big questions. I mean, right now we have community standards that are global. We follow local laws, as you say. But I think the idea is– I don’t think we want to end up in a place where we have very different norms in different places, but you want to have some sense of representation and making sure that the body that can deliberate on this has a good diversity of views. So these are a lot of the things that we’re trying to figure out, is like: Well, how big is the body? When decisions are made, are they made by the whole body, or do you have panels of people that are smaller sets? If there are panels, how do you make sure that you’re not just getting a random sample that kind of skews in the values perspective towards one thing? So then there a bunch of mechanisms like, okay, maybe one panel that’s randomly constituted decides on whether the board will take up a question or one of the issues, but then a separate random panel of the group actually does the decisions, so that way you eliminate some risk that any given panel is going to be too ideologically skewed. So there’s a bunch of things that I think we need to think through and work through, but the goal on this is to, over time, have it grow into something that can provide greater accountability and oversight to potentially more of the hard questions that we face, but I think it’s so high-stakes that starting with something that’s relatively defined is going to be the right way to go in the beginning. So regardless of the fact that I was unaware of the controversy around the legal point that I made a second ago, I do think in our case it makes sense to start with not having this group say what the policies are going to be, but just have there be– have it be able to say, “Hey, we think that you guys are on the wrong side on this, and maybe you should rethink where the policy is because we think you’re on the wrong side.” There’s one other thing that I think is worth calling out, which is in a typical kind of judicial analog, or at least here in the U.S., my understanding, is there’s the kind of appeal route to the independent board considering an issue, but I also think that we want to have an avenue where we as the company can also just raise hard issues that come up to the board without having– which I don’t actually know if there’s any mechanism for that.

Jonathan Zittrain: It’s called an advisory opinion.

<audience laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: But under U.S. federal law, it’s not allowed because of Article III Case or Controversy requirement, but state courts do it all the time. You’ll have a federal court sometimes say– because it’s a federal court but it’s deciding something under state law. It’ll be like, “I don’t know, ask Florida.” And they’ll be like, “Hey Florida,” and then Florida is just Florida.

<audience laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: Sure. So I think that–

Jonathan Zittrain: So you can do an advisory opinion.

Mark Zuckerberg: –that’ll end up being an important part of this too. We’re never going to be able to get out of the business of making frontline judgments. We’ll have the AI systems flag content that they think is against policies or could be, and then we’ll have people– this set of 30 thousand people, which is growing– that is trained to basically understand what the policies are. We have to make the frontline decisions, because a lot of this stuff needs to get handled in a timely way, and a more deliberative process that’s thinking about the fairness and the policies overall should happen over a different timeframe than what is often relevant, which is the enforcement of the initial policy. But I do think overall for a lot of the biggest questions, I just want to build a more independent process.

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, as you say, it’s an area with fractal complexity in the best of ways, and it really is terra incognito, and it’d be exciting to see how it might be built out. I imagine there’s a number of law professors around the world, including some who come from civil rather than common law jurisdictions, who are like, “This is how it works over here,” from which you could draw. Another lingering question would be– lawyers often have a bad reputation. I have no idea why. But they often are the glue for a system like this so that a judge does not have to be oracular or omniscient. There’s a process where the lawyer for one side does a ton of work and looks at prior decisions of this board and says, “Well, this is what would be consistent,” and the other lawyer comes back, and then the judge just gets to decide between the two, rather than having to just know everything. There’s a huge tradeoff here for every appealed content decision, how much do we want to build it into a case, and you need experts to help the parties, versus they each just sort of come before Solomon and say, “This kind of happened,” and– or Judge Judy maybe is a more contemporary reference.

Mark Zuckerberg: Somewhere between the two, yeah.

<audience laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: Yeah. So it’s a lot of stuff– and for me, I both find myself– I don’t know if this is the definition of prurient– both excited by it and somewhat terrified by it, but very much saying that it’s better than a status quo, which is where I think you and I are completely agreeing, and maybe a model for other firms out there. So that’s the last question in this area that pops to my mind, which is: What part of what you’re developing at Facebook– a lot of which is really resource-intensive– is best thought of as a public good to be shared, including among basically competitors, versus, “That’s part of our comparative advantage and our secret sauce”? If you develop a particularly good algorithm that can really well detect fake news or spammers or bad actors– you’ve got the PhDs, you’ve got the processors– is that like, “In your face, Schmitter [ph?],” or is like, “We should have somebody that– some body– that can help democratize that advance”? And it could be the same to be said for these content decisions. How do you think about that?

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, so certainly the threat-sharing and security work that you just referenced is a good area where there’s much better collaboration now than there was historically. I think that that’s just because everyone recognizes that it’s such a more important issue. And by the way, there’s much better collaboration with governments now too on this, and not just our own here in the U.S., and law enforcement, but around the world with election commissions and law enforcement, because there’s just a broad awareness that these are issues and that–

Jonathan Zittrain: Especially if you have state actors in the mix as the adversary.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yes. So that’s certainly an area where there’s much better collaboration now, and that’s good. There’s still issues. For example, if you’re law enforcement or intelligence and you have developed a– “source” is not the right word– but basically if you’ve identified someone as a source of signals that you can watch and learn about, then you may not want to come to us and tell us, “Hey, we’ve identified that this state actor is doing this bad thing,” because then the natural thing that we’re going to want to do is make sure that they’re not on our system doing bad things, or that they’re not– either they’re not in the system at all or that we’re interfering with the bad things that they’re trying to do. So there’s some mismatch of incentives, but as you build up the relationships and trust, you can get to that kind of a relationship where they can also flag for you, “Hey, this is what we’re at.” So I just think having that kind of baseline where you build that up over time is helpful. And I think on security and safety is probably the biggest area of that kind of collaboration now, across all the different types of threats; not just election and democratic process type stuff, but any kind of safety issue. The other area where I tend to think about what we’re doing is– it should be open– is just technical infrastructure overall. I mean, that is probably a less controversial piece, but we open-source a lot of the basic stuff that runs our systems, and I think that that is a– that’s a contribution that I’m quite proud of that we do.

We have sort of pioneered this way of thinking about how people connect, and the data model around that is more of a graph, and the idea of graph database and a lot of the infrastructure for being able to efficiently access that kind of content I think is broadly applicable beyond the context of a social network.

When I was here as an undergrad, even though I wasn’t here for very long, I studied psychology and computer science, and to me– I mean, my grounding philosophy on this stuff is that basically people should be at the center of more of the technology that we build. I mean, one of the early things that I kind of recognized when I was a student was like– at the time, there were internet sites for finding almost anything you cared about, whether it’s books or music or news or information or businesses– but as people, we think about the world primarily in terms of other people, not in terms of other objects, not cutting things up in terms of content or commerce or politics or different things, but it’s like– the stuff should be organized around the connections that people have, where people are at the centerpiece of that, and one of the missions that I care about is over time just pushing more technology development in the tech industry overall to develop things with that mindset. I think– and this is a little bit of a tangentbut the way that our phones work today, and all computing systems, organized around apps and tasks is fundamentally not how people– how our brains work and how we approach the world. It’s not– so that’s one of the reasons why I’m just very excited longer-term about especially things like augmented reality, because it’ll give us a platform that I think actually is how we think about stuff. We’ll be able to bring the computational objects into the world but fundamentally we’ll be interacting as people around them. The whole thing won’t be organized around an app or a task; it’ll be organized around people, and that I think is a much more natural and human system for how our technology should be organized. So opensourcing all of that infrastructure– to do that, and enabling not just us but other companies to kind of get that mindset into more of their thinking and the technical underpinning of that, is just something that I care really deeply about.

Jonathan Zittrain: Well, this is nice, and this is bringing us in for our landing, because we’re talking about 10, 20, 30 years ahead. As a term of art, I understand augmented reality to mean, “I’ve got a visor”version 0.1 was Google Glass– something where I’m kind of out in the world but I’m literally online at the same time because there’s data coming at me in some– that’s what you’re talking about, correct?

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, although it really should be glasses like what you have. I think we’ll probablymaybe they’ll have to be a little bigger, but not too much bigger or else it would start to get weird.

<audience laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: So I don’t think a visor is going to catch. I don’t think anyone is psyched about that feature.

Jonathan Zittrain: And anything involving surgery starts to sound a little bad too.

Mark Zuckerberg: No, no, we’re definitely focused on–

<audience laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: –on external things. Although–

Jonathan Zittrain: Like, “Don’t make news, don’t make news, don’t make news.”

<audience laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: No, no, no. Although we have showed this demo of basically can someone type by thinking, and of course when you’re talking about brain-computer interfaces, there’s two dimensions of that work. There’s the external stuff, and there’s the internal stuff, and invasive, and yes, of course if you’re actually trying to build things that everyone is going to use, you’re going to want to focus on the noninvasive things.

Jonathan Zittrain: Yes. Can you type by thinking?

Mark Zuckerberg: You can.

Jonathan Zittrain: It’s called a Ouija Board. No. But you’re subvocalizing enough or there’s enough of a read of–

Mark Zuckerberg: No, no, no. So there’s actually a bunch of the research here– there’s a question of throughput and how quickly can you type and how many bits can you express efficiently, but the basic foundation for the research is someone– a bunch of folks who are doing this research showed a bunch of people images– I think it was animals– so, “Here’s an elephant, here’s a giraffe”– while having kind of a net on their head, noninvasive, but shining light and therefore looking at the level of blood activity andjust blood flow and activity in the brain– trained a machine learning basically on what the pattern of that imagery looked like when the person was looking at different animals, then told the person to think about an animal, right? So think about– just pick one of the animals to think about, and can predict what the person was thinking about in broad strokes just based on matching the neural activity. So the question is, so you can use that to type.

Jonathan Zittrain: Fifth amendment implications are staggering. <audience laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: Sorry.

Mark Zuckerberg: Well, yes. I mean, presumably this would be something that someone would choose to use a product. I’m not– yeah, yeah. I mean, yes, there’s of course all the other implications, but yeah, I think that this is going to be– that’s going to be an interesting thing down the line.

Jonathan Zittrain: But basically your vision then for a future–

Mark Zuckerberg: I don’t know how we got onto that.

<audience laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: You can’t blame me. I think you brought this up.

Mark Zuckerberg: I did, but of all the things that– I mean, this is exciting, but we haven’t even covered yet how we should talk about– tech regulation and all this stuff I figured we’d get into. I mean, we’ll be here for like six or seven hours. I don’t know how many days you want to spend here to talking about this, but–

Jonathan Zittrain: “We’re here at the Zuckerberg Center and hostage crisis.”

<audience laughter>

Jonathan Zittrain: “The building is surrounded.”

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. But I think a little bit on future tech and research is interesting too, so.

Jonathan Zittrain: Please.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah, we’re good.

Jonathan Zittrain: Oh, we did cover it, is what you’re saying.

<audience laughter>

Mark Zuckerberg: I mean, but going back to your question about what– if this is the last topic– what I’m excited about for the next 10 or 20 years– I do think over the long term, reshaping our computing platforms to be fundamentally more about people and how we process the world is a really fundamental thing. Over the nearer term– so call it five years– I think the clear trend is towards more private communication. If you look at all of the different ways that people want to share and communicate across the internet– but we have a good sense of the cross-strength, everything from one-on-one messages to kind of broadcasting publicly– the thing that is growing the fastest is private communication. Right?

So between WhatsApp and Messenger, and Instagram now, just the number of private messages– it’s about 100 billion a day through those systems alone, growing very quickly, growing much faster than the amount that people want to share or broadcast into a feed-type system. Of the type of broadcast content that people are doing, the thing that is growing by far the fastest is stories. Right?

So ephemeral sharing of, “I’m going to put this out, but I want to have a timeframe after which the data goes away.” So I think that that just gives you a sense of where the hub of social activity is going. It also is how we think about the strategy of the company. I mean, people– when we talk about privacy, I think a lot of the questions are often about privacy policies and legal or policy-type things, and privacy as a thing not to be breached, and making sure that you’re within the balance of what is good. But I actually think that there’s a much more– there’s another element of this that’s really fundamental, which is that people want tools that give them new contexts to communicate, and that’s also fundamentally about giving people power through privacy, not just not violating privacy, right? So not violating privacy is a backstop, but actually– you can kind of think about all the success that Facebook has had– this is kind of a counterintuitive thing– has been because we’ve given people new private or semi-private ways to communicate things that they wouldn’t have had before.

So thinking about Facebook as an innovator in privacy is certainly not the mainstream view, but going back to the very first thing that we did, making it so Harvard students could communicate in a way that they had some confidence that their content and information would be shared with only people within that community, there was no way that people had to communicate stuff at that scale, but not have it either be completely public or with just a small set of people before. And people’s desire to be understood and express themselves and be able to communicate with all different kinds of groups is, in the experience that I’ve had, nearly unbounded, and if you can give people new ways to be able to communicate safely and express themselves, then that is something that people just have a deep thirst and desire for.

So encryption is really important, because I mean, we take for granted in the U.S. that there’s good rule of law, and that the government isn’t too much in our business, but in a lot of places around the world, especially where WhatsApp is the biggest, people can’t take that for granted. So having it so that you really have confidence that you’re sharing something one-on-one and it’s not– and it really is one-on-one, it’s not one-on-one and the government there– actually makes it so people can share things that they wouldn’t be comfortable otherwise doing it. That’s power that you’re giving people through building privacy innovations.

Stories I just think is another example of this, where there are a lot of things that people don’t want as part of the permanent record but want to express, and it’s not an accident that that is becoming the primary way that people want to share with all of their friends, not putting something in a feed that goes on their permanent record. There will always be a use for that too– people want to have a record and there’s a lot of value that you can build around that– you can have longer-term discussions– it’s harder to do that around stories. There’s different value for these things. But over the next five years, I think we’re going to see all of social networking kind of be reconstituted around this base of private communication, and that’s something that I’m just very excited about. I think that that’s– it’s going to unlock a lot of people’s ability to express themselves and communicate things that they haven’t had the tools to do before, and it’s going to be the foundation for building a lot of really important tools on top of that too.

Jonathan Zittrain: That’s so interesting to me. I would not have predicted that direction for the next five years. I would have figured, “Gosh, if you already know with whom you want to speak, there are so many tools to speak with them,” some of which are end-to-end, some of which aren’t, some of which are rollyourown and open-source, and there’s always a way to try to make that easier and better, but that feels a little bit to me like a kind of crowded space, not yet knowing of the innovations that might lie ahead and means of communicating with the people you already know you want to talk to. And for that, as you say, if that’s where it’s at, you’re right that encryption is going to be a big question, and otherwise technical design so that if the law comes knocking on the door, what would the company be in a position to say.

This is the Apple iPhone Cupertino– sorry, San Bernardino case– and it also calls to mind will there be peer-to-peer implementations of the things you’re thinking about that might not even need the server at all, and it’s basically just an app that people use, and if it’s going to deliver an ad, it can still do that appside, and how much governments will abide it. They have not, for the most part, demanded technology mandates to reshape how the technology works. They’re just saying, “If you’ve got it”– in part you’ve got it because you want to serve ads– “we want it.” But if you don’t even have it, it’s been rare for the governments to say, “Well, you’ve got to build your system to do it.” It did happen with the telephone system back in the day. CALEA, the Communications Assistance to Law Enforcement Act, did have federal law in the United States saying, “If you’re in the business of building a phone network, AT&T, you’ve got to make it so we can plug in as you go digital,” and we haven’t yet seen those mandates in the internet software side so much. So we can see that coming up again. But it’s so funny, because if you’d asked me, I would have figured it’s encountering people you haven’t met before and interacting with them, for which all of the stuff about air traffic control of what goes into your feed and how much your stuff gets shared– all of those issues start to rise to the fore, and it gets me thinking about, “I ought to be able to make a feed recipe that’s my recipe, and fills it according to Facebook variables, but I get to say what the variables are.” But I could see that if you’re just thinking about people communicating with the people they already know and like, that is a very different realm.

Mark Zuckerberg: It’s not necessarily– it’s not just the people that you already know. I do think– we’ve really focused on friends and family for the last 10 or 15 years, and I think a big part of what we’re going to focus on now is around building communities in different ways and all the utility that you can build on top of, once you have a network like this in place. So everything from how people can do commerce better to things like dating, which is– a lot of dating happens on our services, but we haven’t built any tools specifically for that.

Jonathan Zittrain: I do remember the Facebook joint experiment– “experiment” is such a terrible wordstudy, by which one could predict when two Facebook members are going to declare themselves in a relationship, months ahead of the actual declaration. I was thinking some of the ancillary products were in-laws.

Mark Zuckerberg: That was very early. Yeah. So you’re right that a lot of this is going to be about utility that you can build on top of it, but a lot of these things are fundamentally private, right? So if you’re thinking about commerce, that people have a higher expectation for privacy, and the question is: Is the right context for that going to be around an app like Facebook, which is broad, or an app like Instagram?

I think part of it is– the discovery part of it, I think we’ll be very well served there– but then we’ll also transition to something that people want to be more private and secure. Anyhow, we could probably go on for many hours on this, but maybe we should save this for the Round 2 of this that we’ll do in the future.

Jonathan Zittrain: Indeed. So thanks so much for coming out, for talking at such length, for covering such a kaleidoscopic range of topics, and we look forward to the next time we see you.

Mark Zuckerberg: Yeah. Thanks.

Jonathan Zittrain: Thanks.

<audience applause>




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Times! 3 Reasons Why Being Generous Feels So Good 30 Breathtaking North American Natural Wonders You Have to See Before You Die 30 Disney Quote Tattoos That Are Practically Perfect in Every Way 30 Gift Ideas For Girls Who Love Their Sleep 30 Gifts Your 30-Something Boyfriend Will Want This Year 30 Last-Minute Geeky Costume Ideas You Can Easily Put Together 30 Perfect Songs to Celebrate Your BFF's Engagement 30 Perfect Vacation Clothes You'll Want For All Your Summer Trips - Starting at Just $30 30 Places in the US You Should Visit Before You Turn 30 30 Playdates For Grown-Ups 30 Pop Culture Halloween Costumes For Couples You Can Make at Home 30 Sexy Country Songs For Doin' It Cowgirl Style 30 Sexy Songs Strictly For Doin' It 30 Small Real-Girl Engagement Rings With Big Impact 30 Sparkly Gifts For the Glitter-Obsessed Girl 30 Surreal Pictures of the San Francisco Sky After the Northern California Wildfires 30 Things to Do by Yourself This Summer 30 Vibrant Photos That Will Inspire You to Take a Trip to Morocco 30+ Fierce Halloween Costumes That Empower Women 30+ Genius Valentine's Day Gifts For the Tech Guy in Your Life 30+ Halloween Costumes For Couples Who Want to Scare the Sh*t Out of People 30+ iPhone XS Max Cases So Cool 32 Surreal Travel Spots You Won't Believe Exist in America 32 Things You Need to Know Before Doing the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek 33 Annoying Things I Learned Planning My Own Wedding 33 White Elephant Gifts Your Friends Will Actually Love 35 Gifts For the Guy Who Basically Has Everything 35 Sexy Halloween Costumes For Men 36 Disney World Hacks That Will Make Your Trip Even More Magical 36 Reasons You Should Stay FAR AWAY From Disneyland During Halloween Time 36 Tiny Magical Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas 36 Unicorn Gifts That Are Downright Enchanting 37 Surreal Places to See the Clearest 375 Things You'll Remember If You Grew Up in the '90s 38 Cute and Comfy Travel Clothes Every Curvy Girl Needs in Her Suitcase This Summer 39 Disney World Facts That Even Die-Hard Fans Don't Know 4 Astonishingly Simple Secrets to a Happy Relationship 4 Cute Vacation Outfits to Score You All The Likes on Instagram 4 Survival Tips For LGBTQ+ Folks Heading Home For the Holidays 4 Things I Wish People Would Stop Saying to Single Women 4 Things I've Learned From Being Pretty "For a Black Girl" 4 Transgender and Gender-Nonconforming People Reveal What Pose Has Meant to Them 40 Country Breakup Songs For a Good Cry 40 Genius Tech Gifts That Cost Less Than $100 40 Minimalist Engagement Rings For the Simple Bride-to-Be 40 Outdoor Date Ideas For Summer Lovin' 40 Sexy Last-Minute Costumes For Women 40 Travel Gifts That Will Get Them Excited to Book Their Next Flight 40+ Gifts That'll Help Your Photographer Friend Get ALL the "Likes" 42 Love Quotes From Your Favorite Holiday Films 44 Islands That Should Be at the Top of Your Travel Bucket List 45 Book-Themed Gifts For the Literature-Lover in Your Life 45 Sexy Underboob Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP 45 Stylish Vacation Clothes So Comfy 46 Valentine's Day Gifts Your Guy Will Actually Want 47 Things That Define True Love 48 Hot Songs For Country Lovin' 5 Basic Instagram Story Hacks You Probably Never Knew About 5 Common Worries You May Have About Moving in With Your SO 5 Crucial Things You Should Know About Your Partner Before Getting Married 5 Earth-Friendly Resolutions You Can Actually - Easily - Keep In 2019 5 Fashion-Girl Outfits I'm Packing For Vacation in Paris 5 Harry Potter Secrets You Definitely Didn't Know . . . Until Now 5 Millennial Brides Confess the Trendiest Things They Tried at Their Weddings 5 Questions to Ask Your Partner That Are Way Better Than "How Was Your Day?" 5 Reasons Pretty Girls Are Still Single 5 Reasons The Parent Trap Is Disney's Most Twisted Film 5 Sex Positions For When You're Tired - but Still Want to Get It On 5 Stylish Summer Outfits I'm Packing For Vacation in Paris 5 Things Everyone Is Afraid to Tell You About Getting Over Your First Love 5 Things Everyone Who Has Lived Abroad Can Relate To 5 Things I Really Wish I'd Known Before Being in an Open Relationship 5 Things to Know About Kamala Harris's Husband 5 Things to Know About Stacey Abrams 5 Things You Can Do in the Wake of the Pittsburgh Synagogue Shooting 5 Tips For Sleeping Better With a Partner 5 Truths I Learned About Myself by Dating on Reality TV 5 Types of Trips Every Mom Should Take 5 Ways the Mixed-Bag Midterms Represented Real Change 5 Ways the Wave of Women in Congress Could Change Politics For the Better 5 Ways You Can Combat Abortion Stigma 5 Weighted Travel Blankets That Will Calm Even the Most Anxious Flyer 5 Women Got Stuck in Weeds on a Unicorn Pool Float 50 Beautiful Book Quote Tattoos 50 Foods 50 Incredible Gifts For Your Favorite Couple 50 Last-Minute Couples Costumes That Require Little to No Effort 50 Real-Girl Engagement Rings to Swoon Over 50 Sex-Filled Films to Stream on Netflix For a Steamy Night In 50 Sexy Underboob Tattoos You'll Want to Get ASAP 50 Songs You Should Definitely Make Out To 50 States of Glorious Hiking Destinations 50 States of Quirky Town Names 50 States of Scary: The Most Terrifying Haunted Houses You MUST Visit in America 50 States of Summer Travel Destinations 50 States of Unbelievable Tourist Attractions 50 States of Wedding Favors - Give Your Guests a Little Bit of Home 50 States: The Must-Eat Roadfoods Across America 50 Summer Instagram Captions That Are Too Hot For Your Feed to Handle 50 Things Only Book-Lovers Understand 50 Things You'll Remember About Christmas If You Were a Kid in the '90s 50 Ways to Turn Up the Heat in Your Long-Term Relationship 50+ Adorable Disney Couples Costumes 50+ Adorable Swimsuits For Ultimate Disney Fans Only 50+ Photos of Pride Celebrations That Prove Love Is Love 50+ Purr-fect Gifts For All the Cat Ladies Out There 50+ Target Finds Under 50 Bucks For Your Boyfriend - He's Gonna Love 'Em 50+ Tech-Savvy Gifts For Every Gadget-Lover on Your Holiday Shopping List 50+ Travel Gifts That Are Great For Any Guy Who's Always on the Go 50+ Vacation Clothes You'll Never Travel Without Again 51 Real-Girl Engagement Rings Massive Enough to Ice-Skate On 52 Disney Quote Tattoos That Are Practically Perfect in Every Way 53 Not-So-Serious Valentine's Day Cards That Will Make Your Partner Laugh Out Loud 54 Stylish Vacation Clothes So Good 57 Easy Costume Ideas For Couples 59 Sex-Filled Films to Stream on Netflix For a Steamy Night In 59 Vacation Clothes You'll Never Travel Without Again 6 Actions You Can Take to #StopKavanaugh and Protect Women's Rights 6 Books That Explore "Marriage Vacations" 6 Cruises That Are Tailor-Made For Millennials (Yes 6 Insider Secrets For Living Life to the Fullest on Your Spring Getaway 6 Reasons to Hop Into Bed With an Older Man 6 Reasons to Visit Disneyland Alone 6 Tips For Scoring Upgrades When You Travel 6 Ways I Benefited From Turning Off My Phone For Just 1 Week 6 Ways to KonMari Your Dating Life 60 Brother-Sister Tattoos For Siblings Who Are the Best of Friends 60 Collarbone Quote Tattoos That Are as Meaningful as They Are Sexy 60 Sex-Filled Films to Stream on Netflix For a Steamy Night In 60 Sexy Halloween Couples Costume Ideas 65 Nostalgic Stocking Stuffers '90s Girls Will Love Even More Than Ring Pops and Polly Pocket 66 Top New Gadgets of 2019 That Will Sell Out Like Crazy This Year 69 Sexy Costume Ideas For Your Hottest Halloween Yet 7 Guilty Pleasure Romance Reads For Your Weekend Staycation 7 Habits I Formed That Drastically Improved My Sex Life 7 Hacks For Scoring a Luxury Vacation at an Affordable Price 7 Honest Reasons Women Cheat 7 Nontouristy Travel Destinations For Those Who Hate People 7 Reasons Every Couple Should Go to Premarital Counseling 7 Reasons Why Getting Your Heart Broken Is Actually a Really Good Thing 7 Relationship Mistakes You Might Be Making on Social Media 7 Sexy Reads to Get Cozy With This Fall 7 Signs You're in Love With a Liar 7 Things That Seem Romantic but Are Actually Red Flags 7 Totally Valid Reasons to Consider Not Having Bridesmaids on Your Big Day 7 Types of Kisses and What They Reveal About How Your Partner Feels About You 7 Useful Tech Gadgets You Didn't Know Your Home Needed 7 Ways to Win the Heart of Your Mother-in-Law 75 Halloween Costumes For Women That Are Seriously GENIUS 75 People Every Fashion Girl Should Be Following on Snapchat 8 Facts About Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Coming to the Disney Parks 8 Life Lessons That Only Heartache Can Teach You 8 Secrets From Cruise Ship Employees 8 Things You Didn't Realize Annoy Your Bridesmaids 80 Moving Mother-Daughter Wedding Moments That Will Have You Calling Your Mom 80 Tiny and Adorable Disney Princess Tattoos For Fans of Fairy Tales and Happily Ever Afters 83 Unreal Places You Thought Existed Only in Your Imagination 86 Gift Ideas For Women That Are Seriously Genius 88 Creative Father-Daughter Tattoo Ideas Perfect For Any Daddy's Girl 9 Blue Light Glasses That Will Save Your Eyes From Hours of Screen Time 9 Cool Disneyland Walls Perfect For Instagramming Your Next Park Visit 9 Cute Makeup Bags That Make Travel So Easy - All Under $20 9 Podcasts That Make Me Look Forward to My Morning Commute 9 Reasons This Small Colorado Town Should Be Next on Your 2019 Travel To-Do List 9 Things Bridesmaids Don't Realize Annoy the Bride 9 Things You Should Never Feel Bad About Doing After a Breakup 9 Things You Shouldn't Tell Your Friends About Your Marriage 9 Unique Fall Festivals Around the World 97 Epic Photos of Van Travel That Will Make You Want to See the World on Wheels 98 Retro Fandom Gifts Your Partner Needs This Valentine's Day A $7 A Catholic Nun Perfectly Explains the Major Hypocrisy of the "Pro-Life" Argument A Game of Thrones Cruise Exists and I'm SO Ready to Sip Cocktails in King's Landing A Girl-Powered Playlist For Gettin' It On A Gryffindor Married a Ravenclaw at Costco A Hotel in New Orleans Is Offering a $15 A Letter to the Mother-in-Law and Father-in-Law I'll Never Have a Life Cake A Look Back at Obama's Close Relationship With Aretha Franklin A Marriage Proposal Is a Dream For Some A Meerkat Can Eat a Roach Named After Your Ex For Valentine's Day A New Cars Show With Lightning McQueen Is Coming to Hollywood Studios! a Real American Hero A Relationship Therapist Says This Is the Biggest Act of "Real Love and Romance" A Step-by-Step Guide For Packing the KonMari Way A Thank-You Letter to My Fake Running Buddy a Tired Gay Joke About Trump and Putin - Except We're Not Laughing A Wakandan Wedding: This Bridal Shoot Is Inspired by Black Panther A Woman Surprised Her Girlfriend With a Same-Day Proposal and Engagement Party Absentee Voting: Everything You Need to Know but Were Afraid to Ask Accidentally Archive an Email in Gmail? Here's How to Find It Accidentally Archived an Email in Gmail? Here's How to Find It According to a Recent Survey According to an Expert According to Astrology According to Experts According to Experts and Fliers According to Gynos According to Men According to Professional Matchmaker Patti Stanger According to Science According to Your Zodiac Sign ACK! This Memory Quiz Will Mess With Your Mind Adobe Adventure Seekers: Royal Caribbean's New Thrill Waterpark Has a 135-Foot Waterslide! adyen After Seeing Their Epic Wedding After This Couple's Wedding in Tulum Airbnb Airbnb Released Their Top 10 Spring Locales Aladdin Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Gives Brilliant Speech at Women's March: "This Is About Justice" All Aboard! These Are the Best Train Trips of 2019 All Hail the Queen and King of Westeros in This Gorgeous Game of Thrones Wedding Shoot All Right in Our Backyard All That '90s Costumes For Your Guy All the Latest Tech Products Worth Stocking Up On For 2019 All the Tech Gifts You Can Buy For Less Than $100 This Year All Under $100 All Under $50 All We Want For Christmas Is Hasbro's Parody Board Game Collection All Your (Very) Honest Questions About Anal Sex Allow Barack Obama to Explain Why There's No Excuse For Missing Midterm Elections Alohomora! This Romantic Harry Potter Wedding Shoot Has the Flying Key to My Heart Along With His "Creepy Calendars" Alyzza and David Worked the Red Carpet For Their Glam Engagement Shoot Amazon Has Glittery Amazon Has Graced Us With Black Friday Deals and Our Wallets Are Screaming Amazon Is Selling a Grumpy Cat Heated Neck Pillow Amazon Sells a Suitcase That Children Can Ride Amazon's Dragon Pool Floats Breathe Fire and Ice Because Summer Is Coming American innovation Americans Will Need to Register in Order to Travel to Europe Aminatou Sow Wants to Talk About Money - Hers An 101-Year-Old Man Went on a Reality TV Dating Show An Inflatable Shotski Exists An Open Letter to Women Who Are Wondering Where We Go After Kavanaugh an Oyster and 100% NEED and 3D-Printed Lego Bouquets and BRB and Carriages: Here's What You Didn't Know About Having Your Wedding at Disney and Chunky Sweaters and Easy to Pack and Everyone Lost Their Sh*t and Everything He Says Is Quotable and Female and Flowers Hanging From the Ceiling and Garlic! and Good Grief and HELL. YES. and Here's How It Will Affect You and Here's How It's Affected My Marriage and Here's What Happened and Here's What I Learned and Here's What I Want You to Know and Here's Why and Heroic Yet and Honestly and How to Tackle Them and I Already Feel Cozy and I am Weeping They Are So Funny and I Didn't Even Realize It and I Don't Feel Bad For Flaunting It and I Don't Regret a Thing and I Don't Regret It and I Don't Regret It One Bit and I Have Zero Regrets and I Just Dropped My Biscuit and I Take a Girls' Trip Every Winter and I Wouldn't Trade It For Anything and I'm Already Obsessed and I'm Not Sorry About It and I'm Seriously Glad I Did and I'm Wholeheartedly Shook and I've Never Felt More Seen and Invest in a Clear Makeup Bag For Traveling and It Brought My Spouse and I Closer and It Changed Me Forever and It Cost Me 4+ Hours in the Store and It Looks AMAZING! and It Was a Carb-Lover's Dream Come True and It Was a TOTAL Game-Changer and It Was Honestly the Best and It Was the Best Decision and It Was the Best Decision We Ever Made and It's . . . Stunning? and It's All Under $35! and It's an Instagram Dream and It's Free For Anyone With Special Needs and It's Just Over $100 a Night and It's Kind of a Big Deal and It's Nothing Short of Amazing and Listen to These Dating Podcasts and Magic of Love and Military Personnel: You Can Win a FREE Sandals Vacation This May! and My Inner '90s Baby Is SCREAMING and My Millennial Heart Can't Take It and My Sanity and My Tear Ducts Are Already Exhausted and Never Too Old For a Birthday Cake Smash And Now and Now We're Happily Married and Of COURSE There's an Eggplant One and Oh My GOSH and OMG and OMG - It's Gorgeous and Only This 1 Thing Has Ever Helped Me Relax on a Plane and Our '90s-Loving Hearts Can't Take It and Our Relationship Is Stronger For It and Our Wallets Are Trembling and People Have Mixed Feelings and Perfectly Pretty - Every Wedding Needs a Touch of Pink and Ready to Risk it All and Real Talk and Silly Halloween Date Ideas and So Are We! and Sometimes I Worry That I'll Never Find Someone and Summer and the "After" Photos Are Jaw-Dropping and The Lion King! and the Looks Are Amazing and the Photos Are Breathtaking and the Photos Are SO Fun! and the Pressure to Attend Is Unfair and the Video Preview Is Insane! and the Views Are Unreal and Their Bromance Looks Better Than Ever and Theirs - Without the Shame and These Are My Best Tips and These Are the Questions People Always Ask Me and They Were a Hit! and They Will Take Your Breath Away and They're Fueling Our Wanderlust and This $52 Tracksuit Is Perfect For Traveling and This Cute Purse Will Get You in the Mood and THIS Is Innovation and This Is Peak "Instagram Vs. Reality" and This Is What I Learned and This Is What I Want You to Know and Tweens and Uh and We Can See the Kids Messing With It Already and We Have Matching Attitudes and We Promise It's Fun! and We'll Take 2 and We're Already Booking Flights and We're Getting the Carry-On Out of the Closet and We're Honestly Crying and We're Not Sorry About It and We're Screaming and We're Seeing Stars and We've Never Seen a More Iconic Wedding and Where's the Download Button? and Why I'll Never Do It Again and Wow and Yes and You Better Believe It Comes in a Takeout Box and You Can Take Photos With Them! and You Should and Your Ski Trips Will Never Be the Same Android Android Tips Answered by an Expert Antidepressants Depleted My Sex Drive - Here Are 5 Ways I Fixed It Apologies in Advance: This Halloween Brain Teaser Might Make You Chuck Your Computer App Apple Apple Hits a Trillion Dollars in Value - With a Gay CEO Who's More Vocal Than Ever Apple Just Launched 2 New iPad Models - Here's the Lowdown Apple Just Launched a $10 News Subscription Service With Over 300 Magazines Apps Aquaman and Mera Say Their "I Dos" on the Beach in This Steamy AR Emojis Are You and Your Friends Even Cheetah Sisters If You Don't Own These Disney Channel Shirts? Are You and Your Mom BFFs? Here's How to Know For Sure Are You Emotionally Healthy? Here Are the Signs That You Prioritize Your Well-Being Ariana Grande Is Helping Fans Register to Vote During Her Tour As a Latina As a Muslim Woman in Trump’s America As a Proud Fronteriza As Early Voting Begins Ask Your Bridesmaids If They'll "Be There For You" With These Friends-Themed Wine Labels asset store At 17 Attention Attention All Parents! You Need to Know About the Awesome "Every Kid in a Park" Program Attention Travelers Awesome All-by-Yourself Getaways You Need to Take This Summer back up Bali Tourists LOVE Relaxing in These Ocean Hammocks Barack Obama and Joe Biden Reunited For Lunch Barack Obama Broke His No-Selfies Rule to Welcome His "Brother" Joe Biden Back to Instagram Barack Obama Made Thanksgiving Meals at a Food Bank and Left Young Volunteers Awestruck Barack Obama Offers Condolences Following the New Zealand Shooting: "We Grieve With You" Based on Your Zodiac Sign Because 2018 Has Been a Year Because Now You Can Turn Off Dating Mode Because Science Says So Because the Disney x TOMS Shoe Line Is Here! Because These Expensive Christmas Gifts Are Worth Every Penny Because These Holiday Cards Are Hilarious) Because We Found the Best Seating Charts For Any Kind of Wedding Before You Travel in 2019 Behold Being Married and Having a Crush on Someone Else Is Actually Totally Normal Being Single on Valentine's Day Is Actually the Best Belle Wears Blue Biden’s Inappropriate Touching “Jokes” Remind Us Why Women Don’t Come Forward Bill Nye Wants Everyone to "Grow the F*ck Up" and Do Something About Climate Change Bippity Boppity Boo Black Women Are Exhausted Black Women Are Ready to Be the Face of the Democratic Party - They're Already Its Leaders Bloody Skulls Bluest Water on Earth Bon Voyage! Virgin Atlantic's Female Cabin Crew Members Are No Longer Required to Wear Makeup bra Break the Internet With These 50+ Clever Costumes Brett Kavanaugh and the Entitlement of Male Rage Bring Your Favorite Beauty Products Wherever You Go With These 94 Travel-Size Must Haves Bring Your Favorite Beauty Products Wherever You Go With These 95 Travel-Size Must Haves Brittney Cooper Talks Eloquent Rage and Embracing Her Black Girl Magic Brock Turner Loses Appeal For New Trial Brutally Honest Reasons Why I Hate Valentine's Day Bubble Buckle Up! These 50+ Travel Essentials From Target Will Get You Ready For Takeoff Busy Philipps Gets Candid About Her Abortion at Age 15: "Every Woman Deserves Compassion and Care" but a Rose Gold-Themed Wedding Will Have Your Heart Stolen but For Me It Was a Nightmare but Here's How to Beat 'Em but Here's Why I'll Never Take a DNA Test but Here's Why That's Not a Problem but I Don't Regret My Marriage but I Found Community When I Moved Back Home but It's Important to Pick Up the Phone and Call Your Friends but No but the Bride's Red Dress Is the Real Showstopper but Their Vows Will Have You Crying but There's a Catch but They're All From Amazon and Under $14 but We Still Go Because I Love It but We've Still Ranked Them From Most to Least Bye Call Your Fairy Godmother Calling All Adventurers! These Are the 5 Best Credit Cards For Travel Miles Calling All Moms Calling All Pisces! These 15 Gifts Are Perfect For Your Personality Calling All Wannabes! You Can Book the Tour Bus From Spice World on Airbnb Can People Tell When You Look at Their Instagram? We Have Good and Bad News Can Political Campaigns Actually Be Cool? These 2 Women Think So Can You Hyperlink Text in an iPhone Email? We Have the Annoying Answer Can You Solve This Brain-Teaser Without Losing It? Can You Spot All the Hidden Items in This Valentine's Day Brain-Teaser? Can You Tell If Someone Blocks You on Instagram? Yeah Can't Eat Another Diner Burger? Check Out These Healthy Road-Trip Food Spots Can’t Get Your Kids in the Tub? This Shower Curtain With Tech Pockets Might Sway Them Castaway Cay Castles Catching a Flight to Japan Causing the Spire to Collapse Cecile Richards: "This Is Not a Theoretical Conversation About Roe. It's Real." Celebrate New Beginnings in Style With These Cute and Sophisticated Graduation Dresses - All Under $100! Celebrate Your "I Dos" With the Best Honeymoon Destinations of 2019 Check Out These Netflix Movies Chris Evans Christmas Fans Cleaning Your AirPods Is Super Easy - Here's How to Do It cloud services CO - Here's Why It's a Must Visit Coachella Will Have Amazon Lockers This Year Coco Fans Coming to Terms With My Anti-Abortion Upbringing Common Joins Michelle Obama to Encourage Black Citizens to Vote Computer Considering a Divorce? Ask Yourself These 7 Important Questions First Continually Roasts Donald Trump on Twitter Coolest Newlyweds EVER Skied Down the Slopes Right After Saying "I Do" correct bra size Cotton Candy Spirit Jerseys Are Coming to Disney Parks Could the Future of Skincare Shopping Eliminate the Need for In-Store Beauty Consultants? Coupons Craving an Island Escape? These Are the 12 Best Underrated Islands to Visit in 2019 Created a Luggage Line That's Practical and Under $100! Criticisms of the Women Running for President in 2020 Are Fair-But At What Cost? Crowds Sang "Ave Maria" Together as the Notre-Dame Cathedral Burned Crowns Cute Cuteness Overload! These 33 Gifts Are Guaranteed to Make Anyone Smile cyber-security Dad data store Daughter Dear Santa Deleted Apps Deleting People Off of Social Media Made Me a Happier Person Delightfully Fun Cases - She'll Love It DesignEvo desktop Destination Bachelorette Parties Cost So Much Money Did You Know the iPhone Has a Magnifier Tool? Until Now Did You Know You Could Unlock Your Android With Your Voice? Here's How Did You Know? You Can Score 2019's Hottest Gadgets For Less Than $50! Did You Know? You Can Score 2019's Hottest Gadgets For Under $50! Discover Which Game of Thrones Creature Lurks Inside Based on Your Astrological Sign Disney Is Releasing 4 Jerseys Inspired by Famous Rides Disney Is Selling Boozy Cookie Shots Disney Princesses Like You've Never Seen Them - 140+ Artistic Takes on the Beloved Heroines Disney World Is Infinitely Better Than Disneyland Disney's Coco Ears Are Driving Visitors "Un Poco Loco" - Sorry Disney's New Necklace Is the Socially Acceptable Way to Wear Your Rose Gold Ears Every Day Disney's New Star Wars Ride Might Be 28 Minutes Long Disneyland Is Hosting an After-Hours '90s Party Disneyland Just Released a First Look at Its New Tropical Hideaway Disneyland Just Revealed Its New Halloween Popcorn Buckets and Mugs Disneyland's Club 33 Mouse Ears Are Without a Doubt the Most Exclusive Pair Yet Disneyland's Halloween Treats Are Here disrupt Berlin 2018 Ditch Your Jeans! We Found the 11 Best Travel Dresses For Spring and Summer Ditch Your Jeans! We Found the 55 Best Travel Dresses For Spring and Summer Diverse do you know Do You Need a "Friendship Cleanse"? Here's How to Know When to Say Goodbye Does Cannabis Make You Creative? It’s Complicated Does It Work For Adults? Don't Be Fooled - Trump's Female SCOTUS Nominees Are Just Another Attempt to Gaslight Us Don't Be Stressed: We Found 14 Perfect Valentine's Day Gifts For the Guy in Your Life Don't Break the Bank This Labor Day - Visit These 10 Affordable Destinations Don't Even Try to Travel Without These Helpful New Products This Holiday Season Don't Fly Over the "Flyover States" - You'll Miss All the Good Stuff! Don't Forget to Pack These 19 Gadgets Don't Freak Out - She Just Wants You to Vote Don't Get Caught on a Family Road Trip Without These 19 Essentials Don't Get Me Started on People Who Stand Up the SECOND the Plane Pulls Into the Gate Don't Leave Disneyland Without Trying These Cookies Don't Leave For Your Next Trip Without These 28 Travel Essentials (Only on Amazon) Don’t Let Marie Kondo’s Appearance Mislead You Don't Make the Same Mistake I Did Don't Pack For Your Next Trip Without These 42 Comfy Travel Essentials Don't Sit in This Row on Your Next Flight Don't Want to Check a Bag? Here's a Handy Carry-On Packing List Don't Worry Donald Trump Welcomes the Clemson Tigers With a Buffet of Fast Food at the White House Doughnuts Douglas Emhoff Drag Queen Story Hour Isn't Just Entertaining Kids - It's Opening Parents' Minds e-commerce Each Table at This Harry Potter Wedding Reception Is Based on a Hogwarts House! easiest recipes Edible Bucket List Edible Guide electric vehicles Ellen Page Calls Out Mike Pence's Hateful Leadership: "This Needs to F*cking Stop" Embrace Summer 2019 With 27 Vacation Dresses That Are Cute and Easy to Pack Emojis Emotional Documentary - Watch an Exclusive Clip Enter This 20-Acre Stranger Things Corn Maze If Your Sense of Adventure Is 11 Out of 10 ENTERPRISE Escape the Cold This Season at the Top Winter Sun Travel Destinations Around the World Escape the Family Drama and Stress of the Season With These Hot New December Romances Escape to 1 of These Awesome (and Affordable) Travel Destinations Across the US Especially While Traveling! Evangelical "Purity Culture" Leaves Lasting Damage on Young Women - I Know Firsthand Even on the Darkest Days Every Disney Fan Should Complete This Incredible Every Single Guest Dressed as a Disney Character at This Picture-Perfect Wedding Every Single Secret Movie Category on Netflix You Could Ever Want Every Woman in a Relationship Should Do This 1 Thing Alone Everyone Is at Their Wit's End in This Hilarious "2016 vs. 2018" Election Day Meme Everyone Should Watch This Sobering Active Shooter Drill Led by a Middle School Student Everything You Need For a Harry Potter Bachelorette Party Everything You Need to Know About Buying and Smoking Recreational Marijuana in California Everything You Need to Know About Citizen Everything You Need to Know About Michelle Obama's Upcoming Book Tour Everything You Never Knew About Halloween Fetishes Exam ExtremeTechExtremeTech facebook Facebook's "Secret Crush" Feature Is Like a Dating App - Here's How to Use It Far Away Anymore! Here Are the Official Opening Dates FAT32 fb featured Figures" Fila Has a New Rugrats Collection Fila Has a New Rugrats Collection and My Inner '90s Baby Is SCREAMING Finally - There's a Version of "Baby Find Out Which Astrological Sign Has the Best Sex Flirty Fly Into 2019 in the Top-Rated Airports in North America Flying car Follow These Tips to Avoid an Airbnb Debacle Follow These Tips When Traveling Abroad For Black Women Survivors For Taking Ugly Christmas Sweaters to a Whole New "Dressy" Level Forget the Mistletoe! These Ugly Christmas Sweaters For Couples Are So Much Better Forget Valentine's Day Forgot Your iPhone Passcode? Here’s How to Get Back In format hard drive Former President George H.W. Bush Has Died at Age 94 Free Free Apps Free WiFi For All Passengers Is in the Works at Delta Fun galaxy S20 Galaxy S20 Ultra Galaxy S20+ Game Fans! This Wedding Has Monopoly Invites Game of Thrones: Here's Where Dragonstone Is Filmed Games Gather Your Girls! Here Are the Best Girlfriend Getaways For 2019 George W. Bush and Michelle Obama's Continued Inside Joke Will Make You Smile Georgia’s Abortion Ban is a Real Attempt to Reduce Women’s Bodies to Crime Scenes Get a Sneak Peek at the Crazy-Beautiful Wedding in the Upcoming Crazy Rich Asians Movie Get Him Boxers That Are as Sexy and Funny as He Is Get Inspired! 98 Bridal Shower Decorations That Will Have the Bride Gasping in Delight Get Inspired! 99 Bridal Shower Decorations That Will Have the Bride Gasping in Delight Get Ready For Aquarius Season With These 16 Perfect Gifts Get Ready For the Best Ride of Your Life Get Ready to Get Roaring Like the 1920s With This Great Gatsby-Themed Wedding Get Ready to Go Under the Sea With Torrid's The Little Mermaid Collection Get Through a Tough Split With 15 Breakup Movies Streaming on Netflix Getting Married? Spice Up Your Engagement and Wedding Photos With This Trendy Accessory Getting More Storage on Gmail Can Go 2 Ways: Easy With a Fee or Hard and Free Give Your Wedding Guests Some (Homegrown) Love With These Special State Wedding Favors Gmail Storage Almost Full? This Is the Easy Way to Get More Space Go the Distance! 13 Ways to Be a Better Long-Distance BFF Going Somewhere? Not Without These 16 Suitcases Going Somewhere? Not Without These 26 Essential Travel Accessories Going Somewhere? With These 10 Products Google Released Its Annual Year-in-Search Video Got the Winter Blues? These 10 "Winter Sun" Destinations Will Help You Beat Them Grab a Suitcase and Your Sneakers - These Fit Vacations Will Give You Serious Wanderlust Grab Your Butterbeer Grab Your Headphones and a Blanket Grab Your Sunscreen and Shades! Here Are 30 Spring-Break-Worthy Destinations For 2019 Graphicspring Great Godric Gryffindor! This Harry Potter Hallowedding Was a Truly Magical Affair Gryffindors and Slytherins Agree: A Harry Potter-Themed Wedding Is "Always" a Good Idea Guess What? Only Asking Female Presidential Candidates About Sexism is Sexist Gum from shoe Hack Hang Out With Some of Disney's Most Chilling Villains at Disney World's After-Hours Spectacular Harry Potter Fans Will Love This Hot Topic Merch So Much Hate Packing For Vacation? These 52 Easy Travel Clothes Will Save You - For $50 or Less Hats Off to These Effortlessly Cute Graduation Dresses That Are All Under $100 Have a Blissful Summer Vacation in 1 of These Charming Lake Towns Have a HOT Halloween With These Sexy Costume Ideas Have WAY Too Many Pictures on Your Phone? Try This Routine to Keep Your Storage in Check Having a Destination Wedding? Here's How to Make Your Marriage Legal in the US Having an Open Marriage Ultimately Led to My Divorce Hay Rides Hear Us Out Heaven Is a Place on Earth - See the Infinity Cave Pool of Your Freaking Dreams Hello Here Are the Best (and Worst) Airlines Here Are the Top iPhone Apps of 2018 - How Many Do You Have? Here We Come! 10 Hot Destinations You Should Visit in June Here's All the Inspiration You Need to Have the Winter Wonderland Wedding of Your Dreams Here's How a Pair of Globetrotters Added Some Wanderlust Into Their Outdoor Wedding Here's How Strong Your Sex Drive Is Here's How to Block Someone on Instagram Here's How to Get a Tour of Walt Disney's Private Apartment at Disneyland Here's How to Have a Showstopping Finale to Your Wedding Here's How to Kiss Like a Pro - 12 People Weigh In With Their Best Tips Here's How to Safely Travel With a Wedding Dress For Your Big Day Here's How to Unblock a Number on Your iPhone Here’s How You Can Help People Experiencing Homelessness During the Polar Vortex Here's What It's Like to Date When You Have Anxiety (Negative Thoughts Included) Here's What Really Goes Down at a Clothing-Optional "Erotic" Couples Resort Here's What These 8 Hocus Pocus Filming Locations Look Like Now Here's What to Ask If You're Wondering If You'll Be Compatible or Not Here's What to Do If You Don't Like Your Engagement Ring Here's What to Do If You Drop Your Phone in Water (Hint: Don't Use Rice) Here's What to Read in 2019 Based on Your Astrological Sign Here's What You Can Do Right Now to Stop Trump's Proposed Domestic Gag Rule Here's What Your Friendships Will Look Like in 2019 Based on the Zodiac Here's What Your Next Trip Should Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign Here's Why Divorce Just Isn't an Option For Us Here's Your 4-Step Guide to Getting Your Ex Back Here's Your Ideal Wedding Style Hey Hillary Clinton's Latest Trump Tweet Was More Than Just a Roast - It Was a Premonition Hillary Clinton's Mean Girls Tweet Dishes Out So Much Shade Hit the Open Sea With Your Significant Other on the Most Romantic Cruises of 2019 Hit the Slopes at the Top Ski Destinations Trending This Winter Ho Hold On to the Hot Days of Summer With These 12 Sexy New Books Hold on to Your Santa Hat Holographic Pool Floats Hop in the Falcon Hotel How 1 Transgender Military Veteran Stays Hopeful How 2 Women Turned a Group Chat Into a Career Hub For Media Professionals of Color How a Single Question From Sen. Kamala Harris Revealed the Real Brett Kavanaugh How Camilla Luddington's Role on Grey's Anatomy Inspired Her Tomb Raider Character How Cheating Changed My Marriage How Do You Write the Letter "X"? This Simple Question Has Sparked the Internet's Latest Debate How Doing This on My Bachelorette Party Helped Me Connect With My Friends Even More How I Got Over My Stress About Moving in With My Boyfriend - in Just 5 Days How I’m Reckoning With Ramadan in an Age of Islamophobia How Often Do You Need to Turn Off Your iPhone to Let It Rest? Prepare to Be Surprised How Political Campaigns Are Using Streetwear and Art Galleries to Reach a New Generation How Princess Eugenie's Wedding Bouquet Was Traditional and Unique at the Same Time How Sen. Kamala Harris Inspired 1 Young Mexican-American Woman to Come Out to Her Family How to Bachelorette at Disney World Like a Pro How to Be the Ultimate Maid of Honor How to Be the Very Last Guest in Disney World at the End of the Day How to Catch a Glimpse of the Rare "Christmas Comet" in All Its Twinkly Glory This Week How to Create a Wedding Hashtag No One Else Will Have How to Dress at the Airport: These Stars Turn the Runway Into a Catwalk How to Have the Best Day Ever at Disney World - Alone! How to Have the Ultimate Day at Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party How to Have the Ultimate Harry Potter Day at Universal Orlando How to Know You Shouldn't Marry the Person You're Dating How to Know Your Partner Might Be Cheating Based on Body Language How to Make Your Own "Memoji": The Coolest New Feature of iOS 12 How to Navigate Pronouns in an Increasingly Gender Fluid World How to of the Day How to Pull Off the Ultimate Secret Santa Gift Swap This Holiday Season How to Read a Cannabis Label Like a Pro How to Restart Your Apple Watch How to Studentsea How TV Producer Melody Myers Embraces Being a Woman of Color in the Financial Field Hurry! 10 Family Trips You Should Take When Your Kids Are Still Young I "Accidentally" Raised $1 I "Accidentally" Raised $1000 for Charity-Here’s How You Can Do It I Blocked Out This Bad Piece of Wedding Advice and Had My Dream Day I Can Fall Asleep Listening to Music Without Worry I Can't Believe I'm Just Now Finding Out How to Type a Degree Symbol on an iPhone I Didn't Have a Bachelorette Party and I Don't Feel Like I Missed a Thing I Didn't Marry My "Dream Guy I Don't Travel Without This Packing Hack - It's Saved Me Time I Fell in Love With Someone Twice My Age I Got Married on a Holiday I Had 11 Bridesmaids I Had a Huge Wedding - and I Don't Regret It I Had a Very Low-Key Bachelorette Party I Had Morning Sex With My Partner Every Day For 1 Week I Had Sex Every Day For a Week I Had to Go to Court to Fight For My Abortion I Hate Wearing Jeans on the Plane I Hated Air Travel (Especially Airports) Until I Switched to This Credit Card I Hiked to Mount Everest Base Camp and Back - Here's How Hard It REALLY Is I Ignored This Simple iPhone Message All the Time I Just Sent Out All of These Holiday Cards I Know Firsthand That Reproductive Justice Can Be Elusive I Know the Dangers of Domestic Violence Firsthand - That's Why I'm Voting For Gun Safety I Know What It’s Like to Consider Both America and Mexico My Home I Know What It's Like to Go Home For the Holidays - and Go Back in the Closet I Know What it's Like to Go Home For The Holidays – And Go Back in the Closet I Learned the Hard Way That Dating a Coworker Is the Worst Idea Ever I Left My Group of Best Friends and Never Looked Back I Lived My Life According to Astrology For 1 Week I Never Thought I'd Allow Myself to Be in a Physically Abusive Relationship - Until I Was in One I Planned My Wedding in Just 2 Months I Really Wish I Didn't Have to Date in the Age of Apps I Removed My Postmastectomy Breast Implants - and I've Never Looked Back I Rented Baby Gear Through This Service For My Last Trip I Reunited With My First Love in Adulthood . . . and It Was a Disaster I Said "I Love You" to My Partner First I Sent Out a Greeting Card Every Day For 1 Week - Here's How It Changed My Relationships I Should Know I Solemnly Swear You're Going to Love This Harry Potter Wedding I Thought a Big City Would Be My Queer Sanctuary I Thought I'd Found My "Soulmate" - but I Was Wrong I Took My Kids on an RV Trip - Here Are 5 Things You Should Know Before Planning Your Own I Toured the Hocus Pocus Filming Locations (as a Witch) I Travel With My Emotional Support Animal I Tried Dating Like It Was 1999 - No Apps! - and Here's How I Met Guys IRL I Tried to Quit My Smartphone Addiction and (Spoiler Alert) Failed Miserably I Turned Off My Phone For 1 Week - Here's Why I'd Highly Recommend It I Use This Instagram Trick When I Forget to Boomerang Important Things I Want to Pay For Half of My Engagement Ring - Why Is That a Big Deal? I Want to Set One Up in My Living Room Right Now I Was a 9-Year-Old New Yorker on 9/11 I Was a Nervous Flyer Until I Started Using a Weighted Blanket I Was a Total Cynic Who Didn't Believe in Love I Was Blind in 1 Eye at My Wedding . . . and Hardly Anyone Knew I Was in an Emotionally Abusive Relationship I Was Today Years Old When I Learned This iPhone Hack For Closing All Safari Tabs at Once I Was Today Years Old When I Learned You Can Scan Documents on an iPhone Using the Notes App I Went on 30 Dates in 30 Days I Went to a Couples Resort With My Mom And It Was Actually Super Chill I Went to the Pasta World Championship in Italy I Will Not Be Traveling to Cuba I Wish My Best Friend and I Had a Proper Breakup; Instead I Wish Someone Had Told Me These 6 Tips Before I Did My First Boudoir Photo Shoot I'm 32 and Single I'm a Divorce Lawyer I'm a Married Divorce Attorney I'm a Member of the "Mass Shooting Generation I'm a Nervous Flyer I'm a Trans Guy I’m Afraid - But I Won’t Be Silenced I’m Calling Bullsh*t I'm Cry-Laughing Into My Rosé I'm Divorced I'm Divorced but I Don't Regret My Marriage I'm in an Amazing Relationship I'm Married and Still Follow My Exes on Social Media I'm Pansexual I'm Pretty Sure "Game of Phones" Will Be My New Favorite Party Activity I'm Still Wiping Tears Off My Face After Watching the New Love Has No Labels Film I'm the Only Married One in My Friend Group I've Been Going to Disney For 25 Years I've Been Married 11 Years and This Is What I Remember About My Wedding Day I've Been on 50 Flights in the Past 2 Years - This Is How I Don't Get Sick I've Been on 67 Solo Flights With My Toddler - Here's What I've Learned I've Been Online Dating For a Decade - Is My Time Up? If Annoying Men Are a Pain in Your Ash If Being On Planes Freaks You Out If Cinderella Saw These Glittery Converse If Merriam-Webster's Word of the Year Comes as a Surprise If Oprah Knocks on Your Door If These 22 Things Described Your Relationship If These 30 Signs Sound Familiar If They Cheated Before If This Underwater Villa in the Maldives Isn't on Your Bucket List If You Always Get the "Storage Almost Full" Message on Your Phone If You Are Saying "I Do" This Spring If You Can't Get Enough Royal Romance If You Carry Your Life in Your Bag If You Do This 1 Disney World Vacation Hack If You Drive Often If You Have Something to Say About "B*tchy" Virgos If You Love Adrenaline-Pumping Thrills Instead of Lazy Beach Days If You Love Lists If You Need Me If You Pay Close Attention to the Math Behind Pizza If You Ship Jon Snow and Ygritte If You Turn Your Laptop Off to "Let It Rest If You're Not Going to Disneyland in the Fall If You're Puerto Rican Like Me If You're Single If You're Traveling If You're Traveling This Season If You're Wearing an Apple Watch at Disneyland IFTTT in Case You Need Another Reason to Be Jolly In News That Just Changed My Life In Perhaps Most Relatable Moment Yet In Pop Culture In the Wake of #MeToo Including a Sloth Including the Haunted Mansion! Including Their 2015 Fist Bump Insider Tips For Saving Money on the Great Summer Road Trip Instagram Instagram Accidentally Released a Newsfeed Update Instagram Has Launched a Stupid-Easy Checkout Feature Instagram Is Testing Out an Update That Will Hide How Many Likes Your Posts Get Instagram Just Added the Ability to Send Voice Recordings Instagram Now Lets You Share More Personal Stories With a "Close Friends" List Instagram on Pc Instagram's New Feature Lets You Add a Donation Sticker to Your Story Instapaper Intimate Inspiration For Boudoir Photos InVision design tool Studio iOS iPhone Is "Flower Chasing" the New "Leaf Peeping"? 10 Destinations to See the Most Stunning Spring Flowers Is a Cheater a Cheater Forever? Here's What the Experts Have to Say Is Being Anxious Before Your Wedding a Bad Sign? Here's What the Experts Have to Say Is CBD Oil Allowed on Planes? Here's What You Need to Know About Traveling With It Is Dating Outside Your Political Party Impossible in 2019? Is It OK For the Same Zodiac Signs to Date? Watch Out For These Red Flags Is It OK to Have Oral Sex on Your Period? Is Love Is Romance or Heartache on the Horizon? Read Your 2019 Love Horoscope to Find Out Is So Powerful Is the Coolest City in the US Is There a "Best" Time of Year to Travel With Kids? The Answer Will Make You Say Is There Redemption? It Does Feel Weird It Doesn't Get Any Sexier Than This Moulin-Rouge-Inspired Bachelorette Party It Looks Weird But Also Very Comfy It Might Break Your Heart It's Almost Riddikulus It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like a Christmas-Themed Wedding It's Cold Outside" That Isn't So Damn Creepy It's Confirmed It's Lit: 49 Women on What They Love Most About Being Black It's No Wonder This Desert Resort Is Where Celebrities Are Vacationing - Just Look at It! It's Not a "Scary Time" For Men It's Not Too Late! Here Are 102 Last-Minute Valentine's Day Gifts That We Know He'll Love It's Not Vanilla - See Some of the Most Insane Ice Cream Flavors Ever! It's Only $38 Per Night It's Party Time! These 47 Bridal Shower Games Will Get Your Gathering in Full Swing It's Purfect It's Purrfect It's Raining Tens! Cash Goes Loose on Highway as People Make a Mad Dash to Grab It It's Ridiculous It's So Cold Out That Parts of Niagara Falls Are Freezing - See the Stunning Photos It's the Cutest Place to Stay! It's Time For Pro-Choice Presidential Candidates to Say the Word "Abortion" It’s Time For Pro-Choice Presidential Candidates to Say the Word “Abortion” It's Time to Give Thanks For These 16 Sexy Romances Out in November It's Written in the Stars - the Hot Wedding Theme of 2019 Is All Things Celestial Itching to Move? These Are the 20 Happiest Cities in America Ivanka Trump Actually Had the Audacity to Write an Anti-Human Trafficking Op-Ed Jacuzzi-Chilling Bear Inspire You to Live Your Best Summer Life Jameela Jamil Condemns Georgia’s "Fetal Heartbeat" Law and Opens Up About Having an Abortion Jet-Setters: Travel Smarter With These Convenient Tech Cases Jimmy Kimmel Responds to President Trump's Lies: "I’ll Tell You What Really Happened" Joe Biden Just Adopted His "Dogg-leganger John Oliver Trolled the FCC Because He's Fed Up With Robocalls Jon Stewart Has a Message For Donald Trump About His "Gleeful Cruelty and Dickishness" Joy Just 34 Stunning Photos of Cherry Blossoms That'll Make You Bloom With Happiness Just 43 Beautiful Photos of Ireland to Fuel Your Irish Pride Just Got AirPods? Here's How to Connect Them to Your Phone Just in Time For International Women's Day Keeping Your Apps Organized Just Got So Much Easier Keyboard keyboard shortcuts Kids Klevio LAPTOP Last Minute Wedding Jitters are Totally Normal Last Week Made it Clear - There Are Real-Life Consequences of Online Harassment Last-Minute Wedding Jitters Are Totally Normal Leave Your Jeans at Home - These 11 Stylish Pants Are Perfect For Traveling Leslie "Dracarys" Jones Sets Alabama's Abortion Ban Ablaze on Saturday Night Live Let Michelle Obama Remind You Why Your Vote Matters Let the Countdown Begin! Walt Disney World Is Already Selling Tickets For Its Christmas Party Let This Margarita-Drinking Let's Go Flower Chasing - Top 10 Destinations to See Spring Flowers Around the World Let's Take a Look Back at President Obama's Best Turkey Pardon Punchlines Let’s Talk About Anti-Semitism and White Supremacy Like an Epic Cheers Lingerie Listen to the Ultimate Romantic Christmas Playlist Live Like a Bird For a Night at This Insanely Cool Big Sur Resort​ Liz and Molly's "Confetti Color Love Extravaganza" Might Just Be Our Favorite Wedding of the Year Liz and Molly's Wedding Is Outrageously Fun Lizzie McGuire? Cheetah Girls? Raven? These Disney Channel T-Shirts Are a '00s Dream Location Logaster Logo Logo Design Lolita's Lollipop Has Transformed From Sexist Symbol to Weapon of Choice Looka Looking For New Luggage? Shop These 10 Affordable Suitcases at Kohl's Lounging Never Looked Hotter Thanks to These Winter-Wear Essentials Love at First Sight Is Real - I Know Because It Happened to Me Love Game of Thrones? OkCupid Will Now Let You Prove It With a Badge on Your Profile lunches Lyft Is Offering Discounted Rides to Black History Museums and Black-Owned Businesses All Month Made Especially for Curvy Girls Magical Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas Male Cheerleaders Are Going to Perform at the Super Bowl For the First Time in NFL History Mamma Mia! How Can You Resist This Adorable Wedding? Mandy Moore Glows at the Foot of Everest - Everything to Know About Her Base Camp Hike Mark Your Calendars! A (Not Fake) Super Blood Wolf Moon Is Happening This Month Marriage Is Golden Master the Art of Mutual Masturbation With These Expert Tips Matt Damon Made an SNL Appearance as Brett Kavanaugh Matt Damon Reprises His Role as Brett Kavanaugh in This Hilarious SNL Christmas Skit Meet Katie Bouman Meet the Best Stocking Stuffers of the Holiday Season Meet the Most Badass Women of Fall Fiction Merriam-Webster Just Added "Stan" to the Dictionary MeUndies Sells Matching Underwear For You and Your "Significant Otter Mexico Michelle Obama Encourages Americans to Join When We All Vote's Week of Action Michelle Obama Has Her #VotingSquad Lined Up. Do You? Michelle Obama Opens Up About Why She'll "Never Forgive" Trump Michelle Obama Weighs in on the #MeToo Movement and Why There’s More Work to Do Michelle Obama's Powerful Open Letter to Chicago Addresses the Idea of Failure MICROSOFT Microsoft and Publicis Millennials Are Flocking to Breckenridge Miss Michigan Perfectly Addressed the Flint Water Crisis During Her Miss America Intro Miss the Good Old Days? Here Are 10 Ways to Simplify Your Technology-Driven Life Missing the Battery Percentage on Your iPhone Status Bar? Here's How to Find It or Get It Back mobile devices Modcloth Just Dropped a Seriously Cute Collab With Hello Kitty Money Monopoly Pizza Is Here More Than 250 Morocco Mother of Dragons! This Gorgeous Game of Thrones-Inspired Wedding Has Details Straight Out of the Series Motorola Razrs Are Coming Back Mouse Much to My Bank Account's Dismay Mugler Created the Easiest Way to Travel With Fragrance (So Back Off Mx! United Is the First Airline With Nonbinary Gender Booking Options My Beach Umbrella Is Quaking My Best Friend Broke Up With Me and I'm Still Not Over It My Birthday Is Coming Up and I'm Going to Celebrate as I Always Do: Kid-Free My Dog Is Going to Hate When I Travel Now My English Name Was Inspired by My Favorite Childhood Actress My Ethnicity Is a Mystery My Husband and I Broke Up So Many Times When We Were Dating My Husband and I Dated For 10 Years Before Marriage My Kids Aren't That Into Disney My Mom My Mom Took Over My Dating Life - Here's What Happened My Partner and I Didn't Have Sex on Our Wedding Night My Partner and I Took Our Sweet Time Before Saying "I Do My SO and I Lived Together Before We Got Married Need a Lyft? Here's How to Get Discounted Rides to Museums for Women's History Month Need to Block Someone on Facebook? Read This Neither Did We network New Dating Apps - Here Are Our Top Picks For Finding Love in 2019 New Dating Trends - What You Need to Know About Meeting Someone in 2019 New Year news Nia Wilson’s Death Should Spark a Reckoning About Fatal Violence Against Black Women and Girls No Boys Allowed: 30+ Duo Costumes to Rock With Your BFF No Matter What - All Under $20 Not Into Drinking? Here Are the Best Bachelorette Destinations For Relaxation and Wellness Not Marijuana Not Sure How to Turn Off Your iPhone X Without a Home Button? Here's the Simple Trick NOTEBOOK 7 SPIN Nothing Can Top the Look on This Groom's Face When He First Sees His Christmas Bride Nothing Says Fall Like a Weekend in a Cozy Barn Notre-Dame's Beautiful History - in Pictures Now Meghan Markle Is Reportedly "Difficult" - and as a Black Woman NTFS Nurses O Romeo Obama Says "Men Have Been Getting On My Nerves Lately" Obsessed With Your AirPods? You Need These 12 Brilliant Accessories of Course Of Course These Surf Shop Owners Threw the Chillest (and Prettiest) Wedding in the Keys Oh Oh My Disney's New Swim Collection Is Inspired by Mickey Oh My Genie! Disney's Aladdin Mickey Ears Are Shining Oh My! This Halloween Wedding Has It All OMG On Being Called "Brown Sugar" and "Oprah" in Morocco online payments Online Store Online Tech Tips Onlinelogomaker Only Stream These Movies on Netflix If You Like Drop-Dead Sexy Guys Only the Biggest Haunted Mansion Fans Can Handle Disney's New Hatbox Ghost Ears Open Office OR or Blue? Here's What Each Rose Color Means For Your Relationship or Boyfriend Oral Sex During Your Period: Yes or No? OS X Oui! 25 Picturesque Paris Spots You Absolutely Need to Visit Over 100 Bridesmaids From Real Weddings That Will Give You ALL the Inspiration Pack Your Bags Pack Your Bags - These Top 10 Spring Travel Destinations Are Calling Your Name Pack Your Bags! Here Are the Top Travel Destinations For Summer 2019 Pants! 11 Comfy Travel Dresses to Wear on the Plane This Fall and Winter Paola Ramos's New Vice Series Asks: What Does It Mean to Be Latinx? Passionate Passwords People Are Flocking to This "Cliff" in Thailand to Take Some Truly WILD Photos People Are Giving Nancy Pelosi a Standing Ovation For Her State of the Union Clapping People Are Leaving "I Voted" Stickers on Susan B. Anthony's Grave to Honor Her Legacy People Can't Stop Talking About This AirPods Live Listen Hack and Its Sneaky Uses phone photography Pinterest Plane-Friendly Face Masks That Won't Make You Enemies on Your Next Flight Planning Your Memorial Day Getaway? Check Out 20 of the Best Lake Towns in America Play "Somebody's Watching Me" by Rockwell Playful Please Politicians and Family Pay Tribute to George H.W. Bush Following His Death Pop Culture - and American Politics - Continue to Obscure Working Moms' Realities Pop Culture and American Politics Continue to Obscure Working Moms' Realities Praise For Christine Blasey Ford Is a Reminder of Scorn For Anita Hill Prepare to Feel Mesmerized by This Spinning Ice Disk That Looks a Whole Lot Like the Moon Prepare to Obsess Over This New $68 Suitcase on Amazon President Trump Pretty in Pink: 11 of the Best Places to Spot Cherry Blossoms This Spring Price Prince Charles Just Opened a Bed and Breakfast Prisma privacy policy Promposals Are the New Proposals - 100+ Creative Ways to Pop the Question to Your Date PSA: Here Are the 70+ New Emoji Featured in Apple's Latest Update! PSA: The Roomba Vacuum You've Always Wanted Is $120 Off For Amazon Prime Day PTSD Is Like Being Caught in a Battle Between My Brain and Body Publicis Pumpkin Spice Season Is Almost Here Pumpkins Queen of Traveling Raise the Woof! 50+ Pet Travel Products That Make Summer Vacations a Lot Easier Rally the Kids! 10 Fabulous Summer Travel Locations on Airbnb for Families Ranked From Best to Worst Rapunzel Read 'Em and Weep! 101 Tattoos Inspired by Famous Books Read This First Read Up on Every Disneyland Ride Height Requirement Before Your Family Trip Reading Tiny Menu Print Just Got So Much Easier Thanks to the iPhone's Magnifier Real Women on Why They've Cheated Despite Being Happy in Relationships Real Women Share Their Tips For Talking Dirty Like a Pro Real-Life Disneyland Belle Marries Her Prince in This Beauty and the Beast Shoot Really Hate Being Alone Red Red Alert: Lisa Frank Has a Freakin' SpongeBob Line Redownload Your Bumble App Remain Calm: Spirit Halloween Launched a Hocus Pocus Collection Remember That Rose Gold Minnie-Ears Necklace? Now There Are Matching Earrings! Remember That Rose-Gold Minnie Ears Necklace? Now There Are Matching Earrings! remotely open door Resulting in This Fun Wedding Right Now Would Be a Picturesque (but Freaking Freezing) Time to Visit Niagara Falls Robert Mueller and Trump Jr. Almost Had an Airport Run-In - and Now It's a Meme Romeo! Wherefore Art Thou Romeo? At This Gorgeous Shakespearean Wedding Rose Gold Fans Roses Are Red samsung Samsung Is Releasing a Foldable Smartphone Sasheer Zamata Confronts Technology's Racial Bias in This Spot-On Samantha Bee Segment Save For Later Say "Yes" to Portability With the Help of Walmart's 8 Top-Rated Bluetooth Earbuds Say Goodbye to Ghosting - 10 Dating Podcasts For Single Millennials Say Hello to 55+ Cool New Emoji Coming Soon Scalding Response Scarlett Johansson and Chadwick Boseman Discuss Their First Times in This Hilarious Voting PSA Score Major Points With 21 Gifts For Meeting the Family self-driven cars Self-Love Doesn't Have to Be a Solo Activity - Double the Pleasure With These Tips For 2 Selfie Into Art Sexual Assault Survivors Share Heart-Wrenching Stories Live on C-SPAN During Kavanaugh Hearing Sexual Traits You Might Have Based On Your Zodiac Sign Sexy Level Shay Mitchell She Ghosted Me Shh! 5 Websites to Start Your Secret Santa Gift Exchange Shhh . . . 9 Secrets Women Keep From Men Shimmering Shine On Shopping For a Suitcase? These Are the 7 Best Choices on Amazon Should You Buy a Disney World Annual Pass? Should You Consider an Open Marriage? Ask Yourself These 5 Questions First Should You Hire an Astrologer to Be Your Matchmaker? Should You Tell Your Friend She's Being Cheated On? Show Him Some Love This Valentine's Day With the 131 Best High-Tech Gifts of 2019 Singles: Get Ready to Swipe Right on the Most Popular Dating Day of the Year Sit Back and Relax Skeletal Limbs Skin Care Is Reaching New Heights With This Sunday Riley x United Airlines Collection Skip the Crowds: Here Are 10 Alternative Destinations to Visit in 2019 Sláinte! 17 Great Cities to Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Around the World smartphone SMS Snack Your Way Through Disneyland With This Delectable Snap! 40+ Perfect Gifts For the Photographer on Your Holiday Shopping List Snapchat's New Features Are Perfect For Friends Who Only Communicate in Bitmoji SNL Brought Bill Hader and Ben Stiller Together to Recreate the Michael Cohen Hearing SNL's "Leave Me Alurn" Is the Perfect Repellent SNL's Elizabeth Warren Defends Her 2020 Candidacy With a Medical Comparison Snow Shredders: Hit the Slopes at the Top Ski Destinations Trending This Winter So So Alexa So Book 1 of These! So Bust Out Your Fanny Packs So Call the Moving Company So Don't Stress If You Forget Sunscreen So Excuse Me While I Book My Stay So Excuse Us While We Fly There and Never Come Back So Grab Your Girlfriends! So I Guess That's a Step in the Right Direction So Our Fairy Godmother WAS Listening So Planning Starts Now! So Remind Me What Year It Is Again? So Start Running For Your Wallet So That Means It's Time For a Vacation! So Treat Yourself For Your Next Vacation So We Can Rest in Peace This Summer So We Can Stop Trying Now So You Might Just Need Them All So You're Registered to Vote - Now What? Social Media Software Sparkle-Lovers - You Can Now Buy Disney's Rose Gold Ears Backpack Online! Sparkling Wedding Shoot Splendid Spoil Your Grandparents as Much as They Spoil You With These Gifts This Holiday Season Spooky Spotify Spotify Is Currently Testing Out a Cheaper Subscription Plan For 2 People Star Wars Fans - These Are the Stocking Stuffers You're Looking For Star Wars Land Isn't a Galaxy Far Starbucks Just Opened a 4-Story Location in Tokyo - BRB Start Saving Up Start Your Trip in Style With a Celebrity-Approved Airport Outfit Starting at Just $2 Starting in 2021 Startup Battlefield Europe Steve Martin Returned to SNL As Recently-Indicted Roger Stone: "Pardon Me?" Stick Together ALL Night With This Hilarious Ugly Sweater Made For 2 Stick Together ALL Night With This Hilarious Ugly Sweater Made For Two Still Don't Have a Valentine's Day Present? Your Guy Will Love One of These 14 Gifts Still Friends With an Ex on Social Media? Here's When You Should Delete Them Still Friends With an Ex on Social Media? Here's Why You Should Delete Them Stop Making Women Answer For Abusive Men Stop! Read This Before Going to the Airport During Flu Season Straight From the Experts Summer Never Ends! Here's How to DIY a Unicorn Pool Float Costume This Halloween Summer Road Trip? Add These 24 Charming American Small Towns to Your List Summer Vacation Summer! The Top 45 Memorial Day Weekend Destinations in the US Sun and Fun: 10 Caribbean Islands That Are a Must Visit For Families Survivors Relive the Parkland Shooting in New Take It From Me - Dating a Coworker Is a Horrible Idea Target Target Just Released a Boho Luggage Collection Target's Affordable Bridal Shower Finds Have Everything You Need to Host a Boozy Brunch Taurus Girls! These 10 Gifts Are Perfect For Your Personality Tauruses TC Teachers Teachers Can Score a Well-Deserved FREE Norwegian Cruise - Here's How Texting Is Great Thank Goodness I'm Not the Only One Who Just Learned How to Type a Degree Symbol on an iPhone Thank You Thanks For Asking Thanks to These Genius Car Gadgets From Target Thanks to This Cool iPhone Feature Thanks to This Little-Known iPhone Hack Thanks to This Naughty Advent Calendar That's 1 Option The #10YearChallenge Is Harder on Women Than You Think The 1 Dealbreaker in a Relationship Based on Your Zodiac Sign The 1 Simple Thing My Husband Does to Show Me He Cares Every Day The 1 Thing I Regret Doing With My Family on My Disney Vacation The 1 Thing Men Find Irresistible in a Woman The 1 Thing My Husband and I Do Every Year For Our Marriage The 1 Word You Should Never Say in an Argument With Your Significant Other The 10 Best Places to Travel Alone in the US The 10 Best Travel Gifts From Amazon in 2018 - All Under $20 The 10 Best Travel Products From Amazon - All Under $20 The 10 Best US Cities to Celebrate Pride In This Year The 10 New Products That'll Make Your Life Easier The 100 Best High-Tech Gifts of 2018 for Any Guy in Your Life The 11 Best Sex Toys Found on Amazon The 11 Most Popular Books to Read During Women's History Month The 11 Trendiest Destinations to Visit This Fall The 12 Best Carry-On Bags to Help Your Survive the Dreaded Holiday Travel Season The 12 Easiest Ways to Keep Your Touchscreen Clean - Because It's Disgusting AF The 13 Most Instagram-Worthy Suitcases That Are Perfect For Your Airport OOTD The 13 Products a Beauty Editor Can't Travel Without The 14 Best Carry-On Bags to Help Your Survive the Summer Travel Season in Style The 15 Coolest Places to Celebrate Halloween Across the United States The 16 Must-Read Romances You'll Be Thankful For This Month The 16 Tech Gifts That Everyone's Going to Want This Season - All Under $50 The 17 Coolest Gadgets of 2019 Are So Genius The 18 Coolest Gadgets of 2019 Are So Genius The 18 Creepiest Haunted Houses in America Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine The 19 Hottest Sex Scenes From Game of Thrones The 20 Best Small Towns to Celebrate the Fourth of July This Summer The 20 Hottest Sex Scenes From Game of Thrones The 29 Steamiest Movie Sex Scenes of All Time The 29 Tech Products We're Lusting After in 2019 the 29-Year-Old Who Made It Possible to See a Black Hole The 30 Best US Cities to Visit With Kids in Tow The 31 Best High-Tech Gifts of 2018 for Any Guy in Your Life The 7 Best Bites at Disneyland's Pixar Pier the App That Updates You on Crime in Real Time The Bachelor Couples: Where Are They Now? The Bachelorette Couples: Where Are They Now? 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When in Love These Are the Little Things Women Notice About Their SO When in Love These Artistic Takes on Disney Princesses Will Change the Way You See Them Forever These Birth Flower Tattoos Might Make You Forget About Your Zodiac Sign These Colorful Disney World Engagement Pictures Are SO Dreamy These Connect-the-Dot Puzzles Look a Lot Easier Than They Actually Are These Creative (and Creepy!) Ideas Will Inspire the Halloween Wedding of Your Dreams These Disney Vintage Travel Posters Have Me Ready to Discover a Whole New World These Fall Festivals Will Give You a Hankering For Hot Cider These Female Animators Are "Fed the F*ck Up" With Sexual Harassment These Grooms Broke Out Into Choreography During Their First Dance These Groomsmen Parodied Their Friend's Engagement Shoot and the Photos Are Hilarious These Heated Unicorn Slippers Are What Every Couch Potato Needs - Your Feet Will Be Toasty! 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This 1 Hack Completely Saves My Sanity While Traveling With My Kids During the Holidays This 1 Thing Might Give You Better and Stronger Orgasms This 24-Piece Sex Toy Advent Calendar Will Make Your Holidays Hotter Than Mulled Wine This 95-Year-Old Grandma and Her Amazing Birthday Bash Prove You're Only as Old as You Feel This Addicting Color Quiz Will Have You Questioning Your Eyesight This Aladdin-Themed Anniversary Shoot Is From a Whole New World This App Freezes Kids' Phones Until They Call Their Parents Back This Artist Gave the Disney Princesses a Plus-Size Makeover This Barnyard Wizard of Oz Wedding Will Make You Want to Click Your Heels 3 Times This Beach in South Africa Is COVERED With Penguins This Beauty and the Beast Wedding Is a Dream Come True This Brain Teaser Will Make You Want to Throw Your Phone in the Trash This Brain-Teaser Will Drive Even the Biggest Grammar Nerd Insane This Brand Created a Networking Retreat For Black Women This Brick Wall Optical Illusion Will Make You Go INSANE This Bride Could Not Stop Cracking Up at Her Wedding Party's Choreographed Disney Dance This Bride Made 20 DIY Food-Inspired Piñatas For Her "Summer BBQ" Wedding This Bride Traveled the Globe in Her Wedding Dress and Took the Dreamiest Photos Along the Way This Canadian Wedding Is Equal Parts Understated Elegance and Outrageous Fun This Christmas Brain-Teaser Is Deceptively Tricky - Can You Solve It? 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This Gorgeous Rustic Wedding Elegantly Incorporates Nature Into the Nuptials This Greatest Showman-Themed Wedding Will Make Your Heart Sing This Guy's Insight on What It's Like to Be Colorblind Is Equal Parts Funny and Thoughtful This Guy's Slack Costume Is Spot On - Just Wait Until You Hear His Notification Impression This Guy's Spoof About Millennial Boyfriends Is So Accurate This Halloween Wedding Is Scary Adorable This Halloween Wedding Shoot Is a Gothic Fairy Tale Come to Life - Complete With Live Snake! This Handy Little Trick Lets You Take Photos on Your iPhone Even When Your Storage Is Full This Harry Potter Slytherin Wedding Is Wicked Enchanting This Haunting Wedding Shoot Takes "Goth-Chic" to a Whole New This Hauntingly Beautiful Wedding Will Give You Chills and Inspiration at the Same Time This Heated Scarf Is Designed to Keep You Warm For 5 Hours This Hilarious SNL Skit Answers the Question: What If Donald Trump Was Black? 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This Is the Sexy Costume You Should Wear in the Bedroom This Is THE Year to Celebrate Día de los Muertos at Disney This Is What Couples Need to Do to Keep Their Sex Life Exciting This Is What Happens to Our Skin When We Travel (Spoiler Alert: It’s Not Pretty) This Is What It's Like to Have a Long-Distance Marriage This Is Why It Feels So Good to Give Back This Isn't Just a Normal Box of Candy - It Teaches a Lesson About Toxic Relationships This Lesbian Couple Had the BEST Response to a Neighborhood Troll This Lion King and Aladdin Swim Line Means No Worries For the Rest of Our Summer Days This Little-Known iPhone Space Bar Hack Has Everyone Losing Their Minds This Luxurious Montreal Wedding Will Take Your Breath Away With Its Elegant Charm This Magical Harry Potter-Themed Coffee Shop Is Begging Us to "Slytherin" For a Butterbeer This Magical Hotel in Sweden Lets You Sleep Among the Trees This Magical Wedding Shoot Is Like a Sparkly Unicorn in a Field of Horses This Married Couple Brought the Heat and High Drama to Their Breathtaking Photo Shoot This Married Couple's Steamy Canyon Photo Shoot May Cause You to Sweat Profusely - It's THAT Hot This Math Problem Will Make You Lose Your Mind This Math Problem Will Make You Question Everything You Ever Knew About Algebra This Mini Selfie Light Is a Must Have For Festival Season This New "Supremely" Hot Sauce - Get It? - Features 3 of the Most Badass Female Justices This New App Is Going to Make Meeting Up With Friends For Happy Hour SO Much Easier This New App Is Like Dance Dance Revolution - For Your Face This New California T-Shirt Isn't Just Cute - It Also Contributes to Wildfire Relief Donations This New Immersive Hello Kitty Restaurant Is Right Out of a Dream - See All the Details! This New Instagram Filter Is a Selfie Game-Changer This New Instagram Sticker Lets You Quiz Your Friends This New Photo of Little Miss Flint Is a Striking Reminder of How Long the Water Crisis Has Gone On This Office-Themed Wedding Deserves ALL of Michael Scott's Dundies This Optical Illusion Quiz Determines What Type of Thinker You Are This Parisian Wedding Is What Dreams Are Made Of - but the Groom's Regal Cape Stole the Show This Perfume Bottle AirPods Case Will Make You Feel Fancy as Hell This Photographer Planned Her Own Travel-Themed Baby Shower This Prewedding Playlist Will Make Getting Ready For Your Big Day So Much More Fun This Quirky Wedding Had a Dog in a Tux This Romantic Destination Wedding Will Fuel Your Wanderlust This Sleep Mask Is Also a Pair of Headphones This Sneaky Airpods Hack Will Let You Hear Conversations When You Leave the Room This Snowy Michigan Wedding Will Blow Your Mind This Star-Studded Telethon Doesn't Want Your Money This Stylish Table Lamp Shows Your BFF You're Thinking of Them With 1 Simple Touch This Surfboard Photo Could Be the Next "The Dress" Debate: Do You See Bumps or Grooves? This Surprise Proposal at the Eiffel Tower Has an Astonishing Twist That You Won't See Coming This Tangled-Themed Wedding Is Absolutely Divine This Therapist Has Dedicated Her Life to Helping an LGBTQ+ Community in Crisis This Transparent Bubble Hotel in Bali Is Pretty Magical - Oh This Travel Essential Will Banish Holiday Headaches This Triangle Brain Teaser Will Make You Want to Throw Your Computer Out the Damn Window This True Crime App Definitely Isn't For the Faint of Heart - Here's How It Works This Valentine's Day This Valentine's Day Brain-Teaser Is So Puzzling This Video of Marie Kondo Packing a Suitcase Will Make You Rethink All the Junk You Normally Take on Vacay This Viral Song Perfectly Explains How No This Waterfall in Brazil "Swallows" You Whole (and Spits You Back Out in a River!) This Wedding Is a Spectacular Ode to Iconic Movies - From Disney Classics to Ghostbusters This Wedding Photographer Shared His Favorite Shots This Wedding Photographer's Best Photos of 2018 Exemplify the Beauty This Wedding Proves You Can Go Festive Without Making It All About the Fourth of July This Wedding's Cityscape Backdrop Was Almost as Gorgeous as the Bride's Twinkly Dress This Winter This Wintry Vermont Wedding Will Have You Singing "Let It Snow" in No Time This Women’s History Month This Woodsy Wedding Is Stunning - but It's the Bride's Gown That Will Take Your Breath Away This Year's Out100 List Is the Most Powerful Those Moves! Thrill-Seekers Throw a Wedding Even Cinderella Would Be Jealous of With These Disney Details Tired of Soggy Sandwiches? Pack These 10 Travel-Approved Sammies Instead To the Stranger Who Offered to Help me on a Flight: You Don't Know How Much It Mattered Tokyo Disneyland Has Been Crowned 2018's "Happiest Place on Earth" - Here Are the Pics to Prove It Too Top Travel Trends For the Female Traveler in 2019 Touch 2 Continents at Once on This Epic Dive in Iceland - the Photos Are Out of This World! Transform Your Wedding Into an Enchanting Fairy Tale With These Disney-Inspired Ideas Transgender Military Veteran Laila Ireland: "We Just Want to Be Like Everyone Else" travel Travel Across the Seven Kingdoms With This Immersive Game of Thrones Itinerary in Ireland Travel Within the USA Is Underrated - Here's Why You Should Do More of It Travelers Swear by This "Pillow" and Traveling Abroad? Here Are the 9 Mistakes You're Most Likely to Make Traveling in 2019? With This Sleek Luggage Traveling Solo? Here Are 11 Fun Things to Do to Enjoy Your Own Company Traveling Solo? Here's 11 Fun Things to Do to Enjoy Your Own Company Traveling This Holiday Season? Here Are 17 Gifts That Will Fit in Your Suitcase Treat Your New iPhone XR to 1 of These Dazzling Trick or Treat! Modcloth Launched a Halloween Shop That'll Get You in the Spooky Spirit Trump Called Omarosa a "Dog Try Flying With These Relaxing Beauty Products Try the KonMari Method on Your Social Media Feed; It Feels Like an Act of Self-Care Try These 15 Tips Before Giving Up on Your Relationship and Moving On TSA) Tulum Is So Yesterday! This Year's Go-To Tropical Vacation Spot Is Baha Mar in the Bahamas Turn Off R. Kelly and Turn Up For Black Women Turn Your Photos Into Boomerangs With This Quick Instagram Stories Hack - It's So Cool! Uber Uber Now Offers a "Quiet Mode" So You Can Avoid Small Talk - but There's a Catch Um Unique Vintage Is Bringing Barbie's Retro Wardrobe to Life United Wants You to Design a Plane in the Name of Badass Women - Find Out How Universal Orlando's New Nighttime Show Includes Magic For Harry Potter Fans Until I Fell at First Sight Unwanted Comments on Your Instagram Posts? Here's How to Turn Them Off Entirely Updating My Story Urban Outfitters Is Selling Emoji-Shaped Vibrators Urban Outfitters Is Selling Mystery VHS Tape Sets Urban Outfitters Sells Emoji-Shaped Vibrators US-Based Airlines Ranked From Worst to Best Venus Is in Retrograde Right Now Visiting a Disney Park on a Hot Day? This Reusable Cooling Towel Will Be a Lifesaver Voting Is "the Bare F*cking Minimum Wait Want the Best Deal on Airfare This Year? Here’s Exactly When to Book Want to (Literally) Keep Track of Friends and Family? Enable This Phone Setting ASAP Want to Do Better By the Caregivers in Your Life? Here's Some Advice - and an App - For That Want to Go Vote but Need a Ride? Lyft Just Announced a New Election Day Deal Want to Talk Dirty in Bed? These Women Share Their Go-To Words Warning: Looking at This Hot 51-Year-Old Ex-Model May Cause Extreme Thirst Watch 40 of the Sexiest Country Music Videos Ever Made Watch Out For These Signs That Someone on a Dating App Is Married or Taken Watch Out: These Astrology Sign Pairings Are Most Likely to Cheat on Each Other Watch the Empowering Trailer For Netflix's Knock Down the House AOC Documentary Watch This Amazing Game of Thrones Fountain Show to See the Night King Go Up in Flames Watch What Happens When 39 Women Come Together to Make a Music Video About Sexual Assault We Are Totally Buggin' Over This Retro Pink Phone Pool Float Straight From the '90s We Asked We Bet She'd Trade In Her Glass Slippers We Can't Let Men Accused of Sexual Assault Appropriate Victimhood We Can't Stop Looking at This Couple's Steamy Mystic Hot Springs Photo Shoot We Couldn't Resist We Don't Know If We're More Floored by This Hawaiian Wedding Venue or the Bride's Gown We Don't Know What's Hotter: the Desert Setting of This Engagement Shoot or the Couple's Chemistry We Found 10 Perfect Pieces to Pack We Found 13 of the Prettiest Options Imaginable We Found All the Bags You Could Possibly Need When You're Traveling We Guarantee That You Will Find This Sunrise Beach Wedding Absolutely Mer-mazing! We Have 3 Words For You: Wedding Bouncy Castles! We Just Found the Cutest Affordable Luggage From Target We Need More Female Asian Role Models We Need the Biggest Bag Imaginable We Out Here: An Open Letter From POPSUGAR Editors We Owe It to the Women Who Fought For Our Right to Vote to Get to the Polls We Weren't Ready For the Genius That Is Oprah's Favorite Tech Gifts We're All About Celebrating Galentine's Day With Your BFFs We're Comin' For You! We're Crying Over These Ugly Christmas Sweaters - They're All On Amazon and Under $40! We're Flying to the Tattoo Studio For 1 of These Tiny Star Wars Ink Ideas We're in "Shoulder Season" - Here's How It Can Help You Save on Travel web website Wedding Champagne Walls Are So Pretty Wedding in Aisle 5! See Pictures From This Couple's Epic Costco Nuptials Wedding Planning Experts Say This Is When to Arrive at a Wedding Welcome Aboard What Betsy DeVos Doesn't Get About Sexual Assault on Campus What Everyone REALLY Thinks of Your "Haha" vs. "LOL" vs. "Hehe" Texting Choices What Happens When You Don't Have Enough Friends to Be Your Bridesmaids? What I've Learned From My Own Experience Dating While Disabled What Is It Like to Be in an Open Marriage? 1 Woman Shares Her Story What It Feels Like to Travel While Black What It's Like Living as an Asexual Transgender Guy What It's Like to Be Married to Someone With Anxiety What It's Like to Get a Hysterectomy as a Transgender Man What It's Like to Live in a Hurricane's Destruction After the World Stops Caring What It's Like When Abortion Is Forced to Go Underground - From a Woman Who Lived It What It's REALLY Like to Get a Penis Enhancement What?! The iPhone Calculator Becomes a Whole New Tool When It's in Landscape Mode What?! This iPhone Hack Will Unlock Your Hidden Deluxe Calculator Whatever You Do When Does the iPhone 11 Come Out? You Probably Don't Have to Wait Too Much Longer When I Was 12 When We're Traveling When You See These Airbnb Libraries Where Is the Asexual Representation in LGBTQ Pride? Where's My Passport? Whether You Belong to Gryffindor or House Targaryen Whether You're Gone For 2 Days or 2 Weeks Which Halloween Costume Is Best For Your Zodiac Sign? Which Tattoo Should You Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign? Who Do You See in This Picture? The Answer Is Important to Your Vision Who Is Running For President in 2020? Who Needs an Alarm Clock When You Can Just Watch the Most Woke Music Videos of 2018? Whoa! A Billionaire Shocked This Graduating Class When He Offered to Pay Off Their Student Loans Why an Astrologer Could Be the Secret to Finding Your Soulmate Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Is the Best Why Calling It Cannabis Why Did No One Tell Me There's a Hidden Way to Control Your iPhone's Blinding Flashlight? Why Disneyland's Haunted Mansion Is Better With The Nightmare Before Christmas Theme Why Do We Love to Scare Ourselves? An Expert on Fright Has Some Surprising Answers Why Every Woman Should Try Anal Play Why I Introduced a Drag Queen Superhero Into the Marvel Universe Why I Left the Pro-Life Movement Why I'm Glad I Broke Up With My Childhood Sweetheart Why I'm So Glad I Got My Heart Broken Why I'm So Glad That I Got Dumped on Valentine's Day Why Isn't Election Day a Holiday in America? Why More Young People Are Embracing Gender-Fluid Identities Why My Grandfather's Immigration Story Gives Me Hope Why Portland Why the End of the Honeymoon Phase Is Actually the Best Why the Women in My Family Don’t Scrub Floors Why You Should Take Your Kid on Vacation as Often as Possible Wi-Fi Will Register as Sex Offender For Life Will They Cheat Again? Windows windows 10 Winter Travelers! Here Are the Top 10 Can't-Miss Hot Spots For December Witches - Here's How to Throw a Harry Potter Bachelorette Party! Witches and Wizards Witches and Wizards: 103 Tiny With 1 Universal Studios Hollywood Ticket From Costco With Hair So Fine With This Simple Plugin Women Have Always Had to Step Aside - Why Can’t We Ask Male Politicians To Do the Same? Women Will Bear the Brunt of the Government Shutdown - Here's Why Wondering How to Take a Screenshot on Your New iPhone? Here's an Easy Step-by-Step Guide! Wondering What 2019 Has in Store For You? The Stars Have the Answer Wondering What the Best Black Friday Tech Deals Are? Shh . . . We Have a Sneak Peek Would You Ride This Dangerous-Looking 180-Foot Forest Slide? Wow the Men in Your Life With These Experience Gifts - No Wrapping or Assembly Required! Wow! You Won't Believe This Camper That Turns Into a Mini Boat Yellow Yep Yes You Absolutely Can Say "No" to Being a Bridesmaid - Here's How You Can Add People to an iPhone Note So Everyone Can Edit It You Can Add These 16 Gadgets to Your Cart Guilt-Free You Can Begin Earning Money on Your Purchases You Can Buy a Butt-Shaped Pillow on Amazon You Can Deck the Halls With Boughs of Sex Toys You Can Find Me Cuddling With This Heated Corgi Butt Seat Cushion You Can Now Get Anti-Anxiety "Beta-Blockers" Online - Are They Safe? You Can Now Get Married at the Tree of Life in Animal Kingdom You Can Send Disney Princess Bouquets For Valentine's Day You Can Sleep in a Giant Potato in Idaho You Can Stay in the Real-Life House From Steel Magnolias You Can Stay in the Real-Life Villa From Under the Tuscan Sun - No Renovations Required You Can Take Selfies With Friendly Quokkas on This Island You Can Visit the Park 3 - Yes You Can Win a Sleepover at the Freakin' Louvre Museum You Could End Up Saving Serious Dough You Don't Have to Be Princess Jasmine to Snag the Jewelry From Disney's Live-Action Aladdin You Don't Have to Neglect Your Workout Routine You Have to Really Love Sleep to Wear This Travel Pillow You Haven't Been Paying Attention You Kinda Can You Know the Bali Tree House That's All Over Instagram? Yeah You Need Sneakers - These Are Our 14 Faves You Need to Add These Desserts to Your End-of-Summer Bucket List You Need to Get Out of Your Relationship ASAP You Need to Read This You Should Be HAPPY You Broke Up You Should Never Use These Things as Lube You Should Take a Girls' Trip You Won't Be Able to Stop Staring at This Couple's Stunning Cannabis-Themed Wedding You Won't Believe This Fitbit Is $60 Off For Amazon Prime Day! You Won't Believe This Is a Backyard Wedding - but It Is! You'll Be Starry-Eyed Over This 1920s-Inspired Wedding - Complete With Showstopping Gown! You'll Crack Up When You See What These Zodiac-Inspired Pencils Say About YOUR Sign You'll Dream of Hogwarts in These Harry Potter PJs - No Sleeping Draught Necessary You'll Forget All About Fancy Weddings When You See This Couple's City Hall Nuptials You'll Have One Less Thing to Worry About You'll Love This Bookish Wedding You'll Never Not Pack Them Again You'll Never Travel Without Them Again You'll Never Want to Hide Them in Your Bag You'll Plan a Trip Faster Than You Can Say "Book It!" You'll Probably Try to Join in on the Fun You'll Start Toe-Tapping When You See How Easy It Is to Dress Like the Walmart Yodel Boy You'll Think It Came Straight Out of a Fairy Tale You'll Think This Couple Can Walk on Water (Seriously!) You'll Toss Those Dresses in the Trash You'll Toss Those Jeans in the Trash You'll Want to Steal These Communication Secrets From Happy Couples You'll Wish You Could Apparate to This Harry Potter Wedding! You're Doing It Wrong You're Going to Lose Your Mind Over This Ho You're Gonna Love Tribalist! You're Gonna Want to Try Them All! You're Guaranteed to Have the Best Time You're Seeing That Right - Here Are All the Amazing Deals on Amazon's Tech For Prime Day You're Seriously Missing Out You've Got Mail (Or at Least You Hope You Do You've Probably Never Heard the Incredible Story of This Heroic 9/11 Female Fighter Pilot Your 2019 Travel Bucket List: 40 Spectacular Destinations to Visit in the New Year Your BFF Will Lose It Over These 21 Adorable Gifts Your Dog Might Be a Secret Reggae Fan Your Holiday Suitcase Isn't Packed Without This Classic Shoe Your iPhone Tracks Your Frequent Locations Your Jaw Will Drop When You See This Sexy Lingerie From Walmart - All Under $20! Your Next Trip Is Covered: 18 Travel Jumpsuits That Are Comfortable Your Phone Just Got a Lot More Fun Now That Houseparty Is Adding Ellen's Heads Up! Game Your Summer Trips Won't Be Complete Without These 54 Perfect Travel Clothes Yours Youtube Zodiac Signs Who Make Great Lovers Zodiac-Themed Wedding Stationery Will Make You Thank Your Lucky Stars zones
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